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Why Pets Should Be Allowed In A Workplace

A fluffy white puppy. | Photo: Pixabay


Naturally, pets are noisy and almost always up and about; they often need to be fed, walked, and cuddled throughout the day. If anything, they sound like they would distract from work which makes the idea of it being good for workplace productivity to seem counterintuitive.

However, there is still an upside to all these. Pets help improve the work environment by reducing stress levels. Many work environments are almost always stressful: There are deadlines and quotas to meet, bosses and coworkers to please, and often very little sunlight and opportunity to get out from behind the computer screen. All these factors can elevate stress and lower workplace satisfaction, taking a bite out of worker productivity.

The antidote to all that stress? Research shows that four-legged furry friends can be of great help.

Recent studies in hospitals and nursing homes, according to Inc. have shown the powerful effect animals can have on human health. Interspecies interaction can contribute to lower blood pressure, relief from depression and anxiety, and even faster recovery after surgeries. Similar benefits have been proven in the office setting, too.

Furthermore, the same way humans tend to react when they come across a cute baby or an offensive T-shirt, is the same way pets have a way of instigating conversation among humans or verbal reactions (whether positive or negative). This can be clutch in the modern workplace, where many employees interact only through screens, and offices can be quiet, except for the noisy typers or attention seekers (who would rather be lousy than get actual work done).

These face-to-face conversations can help team members bond and boost morale in any work environment.

At the end of the day whatever helps employees get the job done must be taken into full consideration; pet policies should also be implemented to this effect.


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