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Why Team Bonding Activities Are Important


Most people think that to succeed as a team, everyone has to be super talented. But, there is something more important beyond having the talent and the best routine. To become a strong team you need to build a relationship with your teammates.

However, if your team has difficulty working together or when there is tension in the office, it’s hard to do any productive work, and the company will have trouble reaching its organisational goals.

While you can’t control whether employees like each other or not, you can take steps to improve morale and help employees work together despite their differences. This is where team bonding comes into play.

It simply refers to various activities undertaken to motivate team members and increase the overall performance of the team.

These simple activities can be tried out by your team:

Paintballing: This a great, physical team-building exercise. Some might say it’s just rolling around and getting shot with paint, but it’s actually a great way of building trust and commitment while creating a strong team ethic. It requires an equal number of people to form two groups for and against each other and can last for about two to four hours.

Talk In Circles

Make a circle of 6 people (or depending on the size of the team), each team gets to interact with one another using a common topic as the conversation starter. This brings about an understanding of individual ideologies and values and how best to work with the person in question.

Mini Olympic Games

Organise a corporate group event; an excellent idea is to hold your own Olympic Games. It gives your team an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone, test physical abilities, teamwork and ability to motivate other members of your team via indoor and outdoor games.


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