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Woman Quits Her Job To Be A Stay At Home Mum For Her Dog

Woman Quits Her Job To Be A Stay At Home Mum For Her Dog Image The Daily Mail

A woman who is unable to have children has said her trusted dog is like a substitute daughter to her, and believes she should be given the same privileges as a child in a news by The Daily Mail

Kate Taylor, 42, from Calne, Wiltshire, adopted her cross-breed Poppy, now 13, when she was only ten weeks old while struggling to conceive with her husband, Rob, and says she cares for her pet the way she would a child.

She has decided to work from home as she cannot bear to be away from her pooch for more than three hours at a time. For this reason, she is pushing for dogs to be accepted in all public spaces the way children are.

Furthermore, Kate explained that ‘perceptive’ Poppy saw her through moments in her life where she could not see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel,’ and helped her carry on.

In her words:

Why should being a mum mean you have to give birth? I’ve come to realise that being biologically related to someone is the least of what makes you a mother. Motherhood is so much more than that. It’s about loving someone unconditionally, nurturing and caring for them. Putting their needs before your own. ‘The void childlessness has in my life has been very much filled by my dog Poppy, who I treat and love like any mum would their daughter.

She went on to argue that children can be as ‘difficult’ as dogs, and a child is as likely to misbehave as a dog is to ‘bark and bark.’

She added that whether it comes to dogs or children, ‘you know your offspring well enough to know how they’ll behave.’

Kate would even love to be able to pay a fee so Poppy could be by her side on a night out.

Speaking about her husband, though he loves the puppy, he does not share the kind of bond his wife shares with the dog.

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