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Words From The Street: On New Year Resolutions

When seasons greeting dies down and the red that has taken over the streets takes a stroll down memory lane only to return in another 12 months, “Happy New Year” is what the world will chant for the next, let’s say 30 days (at least). And as we chant our “Happy New Year” and accept this new beginning before us, we also make our list (at least some of us do) of things to do or not to do in this New Year, and we call it our “New Year’s Resolution.”

So we move on hoping for a “Happily Ever After” tale in which everything goes just as we have planned until it hits us few weeks in the new year that, we are not some characters in a Disney classic: And that spending less time on social media is harder than expected. For this reason, we took to the streets asking people their take on New Year’s Resolution and this is a few of what they had to say.


Some Nigerians have given up on “New Year’s Resolution”. Some believe “New Year’s Resolution” is highly unattainable and that people only revert to it to create a positive mindset for the New Year. New Year Resolution is just to make people feel better about themselves because at the end of the year they have nothing to show for it,” Adjoa Ransford the CEO of “Ransleys Place” says about the matter.

A ministry of works staffer Oreoluwa Adekoya approach it with a more positive perspective however she doesn’t disagree that it might just be the oldest faux in the books. “Over time I think people don’t stick to it. I as a case study have never made up to February. Many of us just scribble it down and that is the end. They say it only on their tongue and it ends there,” she says.


An up-and-coming rapper, Ugochukwu “Katch” Odom believes that it is possible if one takes it with all seriousness. “Absolutely possible Bro… You just have to be serious and discipline” he says. “Discipline is key Bro… Ignore social media and the fakeness and you will do it.”

On-Air personality at Cool FM, Naomi Crystal is certain that New Year Resolution is important to anyone that has really lived. “With each year we grow and learn and then we are sure that there are certain things that we must change or stop,” she says. “I never go through it but next year I am staying positive throughout the year… how about that for a New Year’s Resolution?”

Social butterfly, Temi Oyetayo, on the other hand, is baffled by the idea of “New Year’s Resolution”, “Why wait for the new year to change a particular trait of yours?” she questions. “You can improve yourself once you set your mind to it.”

So there you have it. The year comes, the year goes, we are left with a sad face of not again initially, but then the New Year comes and we return to the blueprints of New-Year’s-Resolution-Programs and we dig things out with the resilient spirit of starting-over-again, with the hope that this year is our year.

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