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World’s First 3D Printed Hyper Car To Sell For $1.7million

The world’s first 3D printed hypercar has been produced and it is called the Czinger 21C.

According to a report by DailyMail, just 80 will be made with each one commanding a purchase price of $1.7million.

Built at Czinger vehicles’ hi-tech premises in Los Angeles, the 3D hypercar was manufactured using cutting-edge revolutionary technology tools and is powered by an in-house developed V8 hybrid drivetrain that produces more combined horsepower than a Bugatti Veyron and has a top speed of [gulp] 268 miles per hour.

Czinger vehicles have released the first full images of the 21C ahead of its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show early next month.

The headline news is that it’s 3D printed, however, not all of it.

The substantial sections of the chassis that are subjected to the highest loads are created using the revolutionary manufacturing process, which should – in theory – be cheaper and more precise than traditional production processes.


These 3D manufactured components would boost stiffness, meaning more rigidity to cope with the abundance of performance pulsing through the astronomically expensive four-wheeled printout.

It has plenty of hypercar-credential potency on tap. The engine used is Czinger Vehicles’ own 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 mounted in the middle of the chassis.

The maximum horsepower output of the petrol powerplant is over 900bhp with a whaling 11,000rpm red-line.

Power is sent to the rear wheels using a seven-speed sequential gearbox, while supplementary wattage is used to pump performance directly to the front wheels.

The front axle has two electric motors that are powered by a 2kWh lithium-titanate battery. This energy supply is topped up with kilowatts from a rear-mounted generator, lumped at the rear for prime weight distribution.

Image Daily Mail

The brand has confirmed there will be a ‘Lightweight Track Configuration’, too – just in case you don’t feel entirely comfortable using a one-of-80 vehicle that weighs as much as a Smart car but is packed with as much horsepower as an M1 tank on public streets.

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