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Your Driving Manners Affect The Next Person

We often fail to realize that it takes two for basically everything to tangle, driving included. Every day on the road, near-accidents, and accidents happen on the road simply because of the failure to realize that driving is a group activity rather than a single person thing or a competition.


This just goes to show that your driving manners affect not just you, it, however, contributes to making the roads safe for both pedestrians and drivers alike while ensuring a more pleasant journey for everyone.

A man driving. Photo: YouTube

Errors to avoid while driving

Overestimating your skills

How often do you take the blame for driving wrongly on the road, most of the time, we
tend to blame the other party while forgetting that you just might have contributed to the near-accident. This results from believing that your driving skills are top notch. Other times, you create excuses for your actions, excusing them for the best decision at the time.

Even if that was the case, how about you take your own part of the blame so the journey can continue.

Road rage

Getting overly worked up over things has never proven to be the solution to problems. Proving the lack of necessity to engage in quarrel or fight on the road. Make it a priority to diffuse situations on the road when they try to come up because, in the end, others get stuck on the road with you while you try to show manpower or womanpower as the case may be. Also, take pride in being the bigger one. If you feel yourself growing angry over another drivers skills, stay calm and as security forces would say ‘do not engage’.

Social status (ing)

We are human first before we are others, which means that everyone on the road deserves the same courtesy. Backed up by research is the measure of anger felt by a driver for another in cases where the former driver feels he or she is more important than the latter.

What is funny however is the basis for such judgment is the kind of vehicle.
Feeling that you are more important than the next person in terms of social status just because of the vehicle type at the moment does not have to be a basis for being aggressive. Driving is one of the most complicated behavioural tasks that need your full attention as much as your social skills.

Drive carefully.

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