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12-car Calabar monorail ready for Inauguration


calabar-monorailAs part of efforts to ease movement in the state capital, the multi-billion Naira Calabar Light rail project would soon be inaugurated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The 12-car monorail system, when fully operational, would use an Intamin P8 electric powered passenger shuttle train to convey passengers from Tinapa Resort, across Lake Tinapa to Calabar International Conference Centre (CICC).

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the light rail project has three stations, Tinapa, Tinapa Lakeside Hotel and the Calabar International Conference Centre.

The monorail would also allow access to Studio Tinapa, Tinapa Shopping Centre and Tinapa waterpark as well as provide a quick alternative access to Summit Hills.

Built by Ponet TFZE, the train with a cruising speed of about 40 kilometres per hour, has 12 cars, including 10 passengers and two equipment cars.

Each car is primed for seven to eight passengers all seated, while the train’s length, width and height are approximately 38, 1.95 and 2.2 metres, respectively.

When fully operational, the electricity-powered air-conditioned train with 1.62 metres height approximately in its passenger compartment, would provide a 24-hour service.

Gov. Ben Ayade had recently told journalists in Calabar that Buhari would inaugurate the train to mark his first year in office.

Ayade announced this during a second test ride of the train to ensure that the project was ready for inauguration.

The governor said the launching of the monorail would be a step toward boosting the economy and expand employment opportunities in the state..

He said the state government was determined to extend the facility to Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar, as panacea to envisaged congestion of the city centre through rapid investments inflow.

NAN also reports that the parking space at the train’s take-off point at Tinapa can conveniently accommodate 150 cars.

Mr Mba Mba, the station’s Electrical Engineer, said the light rail project was completed in December last year.

“Right now, the Calabar Monorail is ready for use pending inauguration by appropriate authorities.

“We have test-run the system and confirmed its readiness. Gov. Ben Ayade was here with his team to see for themselves what is on ground.

“Tourists troop here on daily basis to take a ride. But were disappointed at they were turned back.

“ We always give the excuse that although services are ready, they can only have their way when it is officially inaugurated.

“School children on excursions, families and other curious residents, who have not seen this kind of train before, have been coming to feed their eyes and seeking to take a ride.’’

Mr Christian Ita, Chief Press Secretary to Gov. Ayade, also confirmed that the project was completed.

“It is awaiting inauguration; we are waiting for a date from the presidency for its inauguration.’’ He stressed

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  • vincentumenyiora

    Congratulations this is the kind of thing we anticipate wise governments should embark upon not only to excite the people but to grow the economy of the State and of course provide employment for the people also! We are not told when the project was started – under whose administration nevertheless Buhari will Inaugurate or commission the use of it same as he did for the ABUJA – Kaduna RAILWAY FIRST OF ITS KIND FOR NIGERIA and the critics say that Jonathan’s administration did not do anything for Nigeria – they should well be told that railway is part of Industrial start-offs therefore it may well be that we are just about or beginning to enter the era of Industrial revolution for Nigeria and all started under PDP’s administration irrespective of who is opening them, folks! We are waiting for when Lagos ‘Mono’ will be commissioned, folks! O’ma seoo! Bami se Oluwa jor!

  • vincentumenyiora

    They should remember maintenance for these spring-ups or we shall be all eyes but without that sight!

  • The Realist

    what a backward country ordinary monorail that’s been in Europe since the 70’s is what the President has to commission.The minister of transportation would have sufficed.

  • EyeServis

    From my little knowledge of Calabar and its metropolis, this monorail will fail the most basic test of cost and operational-cost viability. And if i am right, and if as we know, there wont be proper (paid-for) maintenance, how will this survive long-term?

    It does not pass through where people who travel daily go (Cost recovery doubtful therefore).

    It cannot be maintained by local engineers (Appropriate maintenance therefore doubtful).

    How e go survive?

  • Chi

    Very proud even of little beginnings and consistency to completion stage. Certainly scope for expansion exists to broaden revenue base.
    Hopefully maintenance has been provided for beyond the mandatory guarantee period.