Thursday, 20th January 2022
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Affordable luxury from Ciro Jewelry lasts a lifetime

When we talk about fashion jewelry, something flimsy and cheap comes to mind. Unfortunately, for most fashion jewelry, that is true.

When we talk about fashion jewelry, something flimsy and cheap comes to mind. Unfortunately, for most fashion jewelry, that is true. However, a few brands have elevated fashion—or design—jewelry standards to new heights. Among those few is Ciro Jewelry, a company founded in 1917. The international brand has a distinctive fine jewelry’s sheen and the fashion jewelry’s affordable price point. However, Ciro Jewelry is positioned between them as their ornaments are made to last and inspire positive emotions for a lifetime. Ciro Jewelry’s only brick-and-mortar store is located on Kartner Strasse, Vienna, known since the 19th century as a shopping street and a pedestrian zone since 1974 that is home to flagship stores of many world-renowned companies.

Though it is hard to express in words the design and supreme quality of Ciro Jewelry, we will give it a try. In the 1920s, Ciro Jewelry manufactured faux pearl ornaments and sold them through their stores in London’s Bond Street and Los Angeles’ Wilshire Boulevard. And it still does. Ciro’s online store carries the Arielle shell pearl necklace and bracelets in the First Love collection. Immensely popular at the time, faux pearls are made from the mother of pearl, look the same, and cost a fraction of a saltwater pearl. In addition, they are not affected by sweat and perfume and are more durable than cultured and freshwater pearls.

The stones that Ciro uses in all its collections bear the brand’s name, Cirolit. These are artificial stones, mainly triple-A-rated cubic zirconia, first discovered in a lab in the 1930s but made their debut as a viable and affordable alternative to mined diamonds in the 1970s. Ciro Jewelry was among the first jewelers to embrace cubic zirconia and popularize shiny stones. Whatever stones Ciro uses—CZ, moisonitte, corundum in the form and color of sapphire, ruby, and emerald—are set in silver (925 sterling) and plated with gold (14 or 18ct) in a chilled casting process. The technique guarantees that all gold-plated parts will withstand years of active wear without discoloration. Importantly, all Ciro jewelry is hypoallergenic.
Each of the three main collections—First Love, Black Tie, and Cocktail—has a clear-cut identity and devoted patrons.

The elegant First Love pieces are made of brilliant solitaires in various designs and settings and suit everyday wear. The Black Tie collection designed to impress is indistinguishable from the best fine jewelry specimens and even can rival them. You can enjoy all this splendor online by visiting Ciro Jewelry’s multilingual website or Instagram page.