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Avoid recycled, political jobbers in your government, Tinubu urged

By Gbenga Akinfenwa
16 April 2023   |   4:15 am
With 43 days left for a new government to take the reins, a Nigerian investor, entrepreneur, writer, author, mentor and life coach, Tim Akano, has called on the President-elect, to, as a matter of urgency embark on a seven-Rs initiative to save the country.

President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu

• 10+1 Commandments To Step Up Good Governance Suggested

With 43 days left for a new government to take the reins, a Nigerian investor, entrepreneur, writer, author, mentor and life coach, Tim Akano, has called on the President-elect, to, as a matter of urgency embark on a seven-Rs initiative to save the country.

Describing the seven Rs as reconciliation, recalibration, rebirth, re-education, re-industrialisation, re-construction and rebranding of the country, he warned the President-elect not to fill his cabinet with recycled, corrupt political jobbers.

In what he termed, ‘10 +1 Commandments for the President-elect’, he also advised Tinubu not to remove fuel subsidy until he has substantially removed the youth’s pains.

Akano said to fix Nigeria is like cooking stones for dinner, the water and the fire dries up quickly, yet the stones remain uncooked and squeezing water out of the stones become impracticable! “The statistics is scary but true: 30 per cent of the past “Nigeria’s chef” expired suddenly or got violently killed on duty, another 30 per cent were forcefully and unceremoniously disgraced out of the kitchen while the remaining 40 per cent are still baffled (some terribly incapacitated) till today, asking ‘’what went wrong, how and why did I fail.’ It is like a zero-sum game for Nigeria’s chef.”

He urged him to allow those ‘flying CVs’ to remain in the air forever, insisting that those “who can add great value and make Nigeria a peak performer are already too busy to be flying their CVs around. Getting them would only be through headhunting and serious persuasion.

Those corrupt, recycled characters lobbying to serve have little or nothing to offer since Nigeria became the world’s poverty capital under their watch; they don’t deserve a second chance.”

He also called on him to prioritise meritocracy. He told him not to appoint himself as Petroleum Minister the way Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Muhammadu Buhari did. He said the outcome of such decision was tragic and wouldn’t want Tinubu to go the same route.

Noting that of all the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Nigeria is the only one that does oil business at a loss, he called on Nigeria to appoint the Norwegian Terje Aasland as the next Minister of Petroleum, under Management contract of 90:10 profit sharing in favour of Nigeria?

The advertisement for the position of Petroleum Minister should read: “Nigeria is looking for a person who can bring the cost of sales and profit per barrel of crude oil exploration and processing to be at par or close to that of Norway, Saudi Arabia or UAE, plus or minus 20 per cent environmental exigencies!” He continued, Aasland made about $90 billion selling 1.2mbd for Norway in 2022.

For Akano, “Nigeria has the lowest per capital income and weakest national currency among the major oil exporting countries. Prosperity is a rule among OPEC countries except Nigeria. Out of 45 years, Nigeria recorded ‘rat profits’ only in two years.

“Saudi Arabia posted a whopping profit of $161 billion in 2022. Norway (average sales of 1.2mbd) has in her Sovereign Wealth a gargantuan sum of $1.3 Trillion, and in 2020 during C-19 when Nigerians were severely hurting and hungry, Norway realised the sum of $180 billion profit from her oil investments dividends in technology companies.”

Akano insisted that the President-elect should not drag Nigeria into the China-America-Russia supremacy’s battle. “There is a window of commercial opportunity worth $250 billion in the energy sector that has opened up in Europe as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, which the in-coming administration can harvest. The geopolitics sands are shifting, but smart nations like Israel are playing it safe: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is smartly cutting deals with Russia’ Putin, China Xi and America’s Biden simultaneously without dropping any of the three balls for the overall benefits of his people.”

He said there is a gradual sunset on globalisation: Japan is relocating most of her factories in China to Japan. America is building a new semiconductor factory in Arizona, as I write, to reduce her vulnerability in Asia that controls 70 per cent of the global semiconductor output, Germany is looking inward for her energy needs etc. “Today, regionalisation and nationalism are coming back as valedictory services are being held for globalisation, even in her home country, America. Nigeria should optimise the AfCFTA opportunities, as most of what Nigeria needs to succeed can be found inside her ‘sokoto,’ why travelling to Sokoto?”

“Global hunger crisis is real: thou shall prioritise food security from day one: an empty sack cannot stand. Globally, 10 per cent of the population has little or nothing to eat and 70 per cent of them are in
Africa. About 133 million Nigerians are living below poverty lines.

However, there is zero chance of solving the food crisis in Nigeria without first addressing the security challenges posed by the Fulani herdsmen. The Vice President’s (Shettima) first task should be to head the Anti-Terrorism Task Force (ATTF) that will end terrorism in Nigeria within the first 100 days in office.

“10+1: Thou shall not complain: it is highly likely that you would soon lose two vital things: sleep and smiles! As you peruse Aso Rock ‘top secret’ books, which would most likely be like a horror movie with stomach-churning violence. Every country has ‘classified information’ meant for the C-in-C eyes only.”

Akano called for the abolition of the office of “Aso Rock Cabal,” which he says is unknown to the constitution. “The cabal engineered the annulment of June 12, 1993 election, according to IBB.

GEJ’s cabal made him clueless. PMB’s cabal held him hostage in the Villa according to PMB’s wife. Allowing your closest political and business associates, the Vice President or your wife or son or daughter to form a new cabal is like signing an irrevocable MoU with failure, because the ‘cabal’ is not on record for positive contributions.”