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Ayo Adebanjo says maladministration caused recession, not COVID-19


Insists on restructuring

Elder statesman and Afenifere chieftain, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, yesterday, chided President Muhammadu Buhari administration, saying maladministration caused the sliding into recession, and not COVID-19 pandemic.

Adebanjo spoke with journalists at the Governor’s Office, Ibadan, shortly after paying Governor Seyi Makinde a condolence visit over his mother’s demise.

The Afenifere leader said: “I am not surprised. I am only sad. The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has never been an acceptable one to me. He does not know that he does not know. There is no other thing you can get. He does not listen to those who have experience. I hold a different view about Buhari. Buhari won’t yield to those talking about restructuring, one Nigeria.


“We are not ignorant people. When did COVID-19 begin? What position did COVID-19 meet us? Other countries also had COVID-19 but because of a solid economy and political stability, it did not affect them as we are having. Don’t be deceived by COVID-19; Nigeria is not the only victim of COVID-19. But because of the bad administration that COVID-19 met us, that is why we are having this. And instead of facing this, he is talking of harassing and suppressing the press. We are back to military regime. This is not what we fought for.

“The way forward is for him to restructure the country now. And you don’t entertain anybody asking where the presidency will go. It is a diversion. When we restructure the country and have an acceptable constitution agreed to by all the federating units, and not the one imposed on us by the military, we will know where the Presidency will go. Presidency is the right of any unit of the country to attain the highest position when it is their turn.

“Those talking about South-East presidency, when did they come into existence? We have been talking about this before. This constitution is a fraudulent one. It is not our constitution. It was imposed on us by the military in 1966. All the complaints today are products of this imposed constitution.

“They only agreed on unity of Nigeria on their own terms. What gives the North the power to dictate to the rest of the country what we should do? It will not work.”


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