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Bestman Games to unveil new game today



Family entertainment has changed a lot over the last few decades. With the digital age, have come amazing apps and faster work – but also information-overload and distractions. An unforeseen effect has been the slow but steady erosion of family time, increasing daily activities – for both parents and children – but decreasing the quality of time spent together. Using a mix of the board-game entertainment and technology, Bestman Games decided to combat this imbalance, and rebuild the family-unit while bridging generational, and recreational gaps.

When Bestman Games first opened shop, Nimi Akinkugbe, CEO of Bestman Games, and one of Nigeria’s most-well-known entrepreneurs, set out to change the narrative of African family-entertainment, and introduce the best in gaming culture to a new generation. From the traditional days of Ayo and Snakes and Ladders, board games have always been a mainstay in Nigerian culture. We all have a board-game story. And this is why they have remained relevant, delighting both the young and old – even in the increasingly, fast-paced digital world we live in. Most recently, Nigeria’s status as the number one scrabble nation, and the launch of the Monopoly Board Game as an official Lagos State sport are a clear signal that they continue to play an important role in society.

Bestman Games first came into our collective pop-culture consciousness with the launch of the City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly, the first African city version of Hasbro’s world famous Monopoly board game 5 years ago in December 2012. The game was very well received, and quickly became a source of national pride, spreading a positive, new narrative about the popular mega-city and its industrious people. Subsequently, a Nigeria Centenary edition, a Cross River State edition, an Accra Edition, and a Corona School Edition, the first African school edition, were launched.


Monopoly Tournaments have now become a popular educational past-time, at many primary and secondary schools, universities and NYSC Orientation camps. In collaboration with Lagos State Sports Commission (LSSC) in September 2016, 1,200 students from 100 schools from the six Educational Districts in Lagos State vied for the title of the City of Lagos Under-17 Monopoly Championship. The historic event climaxed when Elizabeth Braihmoh of Topfield College Ajegunle emerged as the ‘The City of Lagos Under-17 Monopoly Champion’. Monthly Monopoly Games Nights have also become a wonderful way for working professionals to unwind as a busy week ends, on the last Thursday of each month.

It was this early success and welcome reception that got Bestman Games thinking about what it would take to design a new and original board game that is truly home-grown in concept, but global at heart. Bestman quickly went to work, combining a fresh take on a core theme of Nigerian society, with the thrill and heart of the most beloved international games – while keeping the top-standards and artistic flair Bestman Games is well known for.

As an advocate for fostering Nigeria’s local industries, Nimi also wanted to create an all-Nigerian manufactured game. To achieve this Nimi looked to cutting-edge technologies, to bridge gaps in local capacity. 3D-Printing technologies, also known as additive manufacturing, allow the ‘printing’ of 3D objects – using plastics, metals and fabrics – just as one prints a picture on a blank sheet. Additive manufacturing is projected to be worth $6 billion by 2022, and Nimi believes Africa needs to participate now. Using the technology, in conjunction with traditional manufacturing process, she was able to ensure all aspects of the manufacturing process were wholly Nigerian-made.

The result, says Nimi, is a unique board game that is educative, super-fun and most of all, has the power to impact and transform our society. The journey has taken 3-years of non-stop work – through the recession and local industry limitations, but it’s been well worth it. It’s finally here! Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer to find out what this amazing board game is, and get our hands on it. The special Bestman Games unveiling event holds today.

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