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Black race most disrespected on earth, says Chihombori-Quao

By Ngozi Egenuka
05 June 2020   |   3:05 am
Former Africa Union (AU) Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, has stated that the black race is the most disrespected on earth.

Former Africa Union (AU) Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, has stated that the black race is the most disrespected on earth. 

She was reacting to the viral video of the gruesome murder last month of an African-American, George Floyd, who was pinned down and suffocated to death by the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis, United States. 

According to her, since ages, the black race had been insulted across continents, including Africa, which sold its citizens to slavery during the colonial era. 

She stressed that the police officer in the eye of the storm, Derek Chauvin, intended to kill Floyd, as he continued to strangulate him after being informed that the late American had lost his pulse. 

Chihombori-Quao queried: “How many more children ­– black men and women – are we going to watch as they get murdered? As I sit back and try to make sense of all these senseless killings of black men, I wonder what crime the black race committed against the whites. Why are some elements of the white race so hateful of the black people?”

Analysing the tape, the Zimbabwean noted: “ I saw a policeman with hands in his pocket looking just as comfortable as he could be, and thought nothing of it as he murdered George Floyd.”

She, however, added that in the midst of these difficult situations, including beatings, lynching, discrimination in workplaces and denial of economic opportunities, the black race had relentlessly grown over the years. 

“Every possible way has been attempted to eliminate the black race, but still, it rises,” the medical doctor submitted.

The activist restated that every human had a right to live, pointing out that the black people own America as much as their white counterparts against the backdrop that both races were not rightful owners of the land.

“Black and white people are all immigrants who occupy a territory which originally belonged to the native Red Indians,” she recalled
The educator distanced herself from the notion that all white people are bad, observing that the racist ones among them were doing a great disservice to humanity.

The envoy urged them to learn biblical lessons, especially when the children of Israel were to be set free, to avoid making a grave error. 

Floyd’s demise has led to several protests and arrests in the American nation.

New charges were yesterday preferred against all four sacked officers involved in the unfortunate incident.

The case against Chauvin had been elevated to second-degree murder, while the others, previously uncharged, face counts of aiding and abetting murder.

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