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Disadvantages of being beautiful – Cassie Hair CEO, Salimon Oluwatosin


The general notion the world over is that beautiful people always enjoy the best life has to offer. It is almost unthinkable to attribute any form of drawback to beauty and beautiful but according to fashion entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Cassie Hair brand and Cassie Fashionistas, Salimon Oluwatosin Sandra being beautiful may have a little snag that comes with it and she airs her opinion in this interview.


“Remember I said that being beautiful is beyond the physical. People tend to treat beautiful people as higher in status by default. It is really just the way our society has placed it. I think the disadvantages of being beautiful comes in when people limit your potential to just your physical appearance.

“As you would see in a patriarchal society, beautiful women are treated as mere ornaments. I am glad our society is evolving every day and that people can now see that beauty is more than just the physical appearance of an individual,” she opines.

Defining beauty as against the popular opinion the mother of one maintains her submission of beauty being more than physical.

“Beauty for me is more than just what we can see on the surface. It is the all-around qualities and traits that make a person unique and reflects their soul. It is beyond the physical sense of it. And yes, good hair has a way of emphasizing the best features on your face and even body. Good hair is also an amazing confidence booster.

Salimon Oluwatosin Sandra hails from Ilorin South, Kwara State. She was born on the 21st of March and grew up in different parts of Western Nigeria.

She founded the Cassie Hair brand in 2015 and later created the retail arm of it and named it Cassie Fashionistas.

Salimon Oluwatosin Sandra is also a realty consultant and manager. She is affiliated with several other big and small businesses. She is also a wife and a mother to an amazing daughter, Elena.


“The Cassie Hair Brand has expanded way beyond my imagination and that is a huge deal. My ultimate dream will be to position my company and brand as the first choice for the modern man and woman’s varied fashion, beauty and wellness. We are working on different projects to meet the varying needs of our old, new and potential customers. I also intend to strengthen my bearing in realty, thereby expanding my value chain,” she enthused.


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