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Ekiti Workers Protest Against Plot To Impeach Fayose




WORKERS in Ekiti State yesterday staged a peaceful protest against a plot by 19 All Progressive Congress (APC) lawmakers to impeach Governor Ayodele Fayose.

Apart from commercial and social activities that were paralysed by the workers, vehicular movement was disrupted till noon, ensuring that all workers complied with the stay-at-home directive to show solidarity for the governor.

When journalists visited the Nigeria Labour Congress secretariat, the place was under lock and key, while  commercial motorcyclists had to stay away from all major roads because  of the barricades mounted at regular intervals to ensure strict compliance with the restriction  order .

The labour leaders under the auspices of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Negotiating Council (JNC), converged at Fajuyi Park as early as 6am, and warned that any attempt to impeachFayose would trigger  serious crisis  in the state.

Addressing newsmen  on the impeachment saga, NLC Secretary in the state, Comrade Ade Obatoye stated that the restiveness being allegedly caused  by the lawmakers has been affecting  the citizens of the state.

He urged the lawmakers to allow the people to enjoy the mandate freely given to Fayose during the June 21 governorship election.

“Though we agree with Hon Adewale Omirin that he has the right to fight for his rights, but he must wait for the outcome of the suit he instituted against his impeachment. He cannot because of his impeachment plunge Ekiti into crisis, because he stands impeached until the court rules otherwise.

“But staying in Osun or Lagos State and be hurling stones at Ekiti is uncalled for and selfish. Former Governors  Niyi Adebayo and Kayode Fayemi  of the APC  ruled the state in peace. But when Fayose  and Segun Oni of the PDP came, trouble started. We will not allow this to continue because Ekiti belongs to all of us.

“The people of Ekiti did not only vote for Fayose, but the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, has also re-affirmed it. We
appeal to the APC to wait for four years when there will be chance to elect another governor and if they can appeal to our people, they can get it back. But not the way they are presently doing.

“In an atmosphere of unrest just as we are witnessing now, the citizens will bear the brunt. The will of the people must be allowed to prevail. The loser of elections must allow the winner to enjoy it’, Obatoye said.

He added: “We beg the lawmakers to allow Fayose to settle for work so that the people can enjoy the dividends of democracy in the areas of infrastructure development. The loser in Lagos governorship election, Mr Jimi Agbaje has congratulated Mr Akin Ambode and this is what we envisage for Ekiti.

“If actually Omirin and his people knew they were popular, they would not have run away from the state because the people will be ready to defend them. Our advice to them is to embrace peace because we are going to resist any attempt to impeach Fayose.”

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    Please, Media men and women, do you call what happened on Friday in Ekiti,
    particularly in Ikere-Ado – Ekiti a peaceful protest? If what I saw and
    witnessed is a peaceful protest, I don’t know how you would describe a violent
    protest. Any

    protest that infringe the movement of the citizens, create fears in the hearts
    of the masses, destabilized the peaceful atmosphere of the community can never
    be called peaceful. And this was what happened on Friday. We are told that

    Ekiti Workers would have prayer season at Fajuyi Park which in itself is a good
    thing, but to now barricade all the roads leading to Ado is a show of
    hooliganism. We need peace in Ekiti and we should all come together to share
    our views

    together, unfortunately, there has been no room for this. All what is happen in
    Ekiti could be settled amicably if we all know that all power belongs to God. A
    good leader should not in any circumstances lay fear and terror on the people
    s/he leads if s/he is a leader not a tyranny. We all pray for the peace for
    Ekiti people but God cannot listen to a prayer that is directed to the
    destruction of other people. God is not a tyranny; God is God of justice,
    peace, truth and equity,

  • AriseNigeria

    An anti-democratic and lawless party like APC now in-charge at the center, I am watching how it will soon collide with the masses. People should expect nothing but the flow of blood, because their tyranny will be resisted by an armed insurrection .

  • Iyke, Eze

    APC is a violent party that has no sense of direction.