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Fayose outlaws cattle grazing in Ekiti


Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

The governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, has outlawed cattle grazing in the state after suspected Fulani herdsmen killed two persons in the State.

Fayose spoke at Oke-Alo, Ikole Local Government Area, where two persons were killed and many injured last Friday by the herdsmen.

He said a bill to criminalise the movement of cattle from one location to another in the State will soon be sent to the State House of Assembly.

The governor warned that his government would confiscate any cattle seen anywhere in the State apart from ranch created for them by their owners.

“I have directed that cattle rearing and grazing should stop in Ekiti State and those interested in cattle farming should henceforth do so in their own cattle ranch,” said governor Fayose.

“No more movement of cattle from one location to another in the State and any cattle seen anywhere in Ekiti State apart from the ranch created for them by their owners will be confiscated by the government and their owners will be prosecuted.

“A bill to this effect will be sent to House of Assembly for passage into law to criminalise cattle owners whose cattle are found moving from one location the other in the State.

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  • COSH_Truth_is_Bitter

    Good decision.

  • Omooba

    Governors have no control over the police. How are you going to enforce the ban? The federal government could direct the police to simply ignore your order. By the way, creating a cattle ranch is not a day’s job. This means that cattle owners will disobey your order otherwise their cattle will starve to death. The consequence of your proposed law is more chaos as cattle rearers and farmers battle it out in the jungle. Please consult widely and give enough time for ranches to be established. Otherwise you may set your state on fire.

    • Olutayo

      The state govt cud create its own police for that just like how Lagos created LASTMA. Visitors shud not come and dictate to owners how to do their tins. Such will never be allowed in the North.

      • Rominiyis

        Plus they create sharia police. Only people and southern governors up until Fayose are spineless. What are they implying. Comfisticate our lands for herders ? Is that what a federation imply?

    • You are a madman

    • Rominiyis

      Coming from somebody calling himself omooba it us really diasppointing. So Fulani herders in their minute number will set ekiti OB fire! How is it possible to enforce sharia law by sharia police in sharia state? The Yorubas have been having issues with Fulani for over 200 years. They destroy old OYO forcing the relocation to the current Oyo. The Afonja issue and how Ilorin is now ruled by emir. Every overture always end in land grab. Check your history . The governor is right. Just imagines Yorubas going to sokoto to kill them their for their land ! I am really suprised how weakminded some people have become. Does Federation with Nigeria imply loss of property right? And even death?

    • super hero

      Try transporting a carton of Gulder across Kano and you will come face to face with the power of the Hizbah. Also known as the Sharia police. Created by the state government.

    • Sam

      I am sorry to ask these: but do you know there have been various killings in different parts of the country lately?
      Do you know what it means to loose a loved one this nonsense?
      Have you ever lost a friend or a family to this?
      If you really answered all the above in YES; I am sure you would not write your post at all in the first place.
      We have Suffered crop failure due to all these animals grazing hectares of farm. How much loses should the victims of this nonsense suffer.

  • AriseNigeria

    This is what I have called for in all South-Eastern States, but without response. Banning and criminalizing animal loitering will go a long way to saving lives and helping to apprehending criminals and terrorist who comes in the name of cattle herdsmen.

  • emmanuel kalu

    This is what every state needs to do. if you are a cattle rancher, you need to own and operate a ranch like a business. We need to end the roam of cattle across the states and city. There is a need for a law banning any herdsman from carrying any weapon. They should be arrested immediately and their cattle seized or impounded.

  • Please extend the ban to include GOATS, SHEEP,PIGS and Fowl. We will have more land available for cultivation even around the house. More yield from our crops and animal farming as well as improved standard of living in Ekiti.

  • aiyekotto

    Nice one Oshoko…something good can come out of Nazareth!

  • D-Prince Adeleke Adesemowo

    I so love this decision…other states should fol suit

  • Olutayo

    This is the best way to deal with dis miscreants.

  • Musa Muhammed

    Strong man… carry go!

  • Beyond all odds, Fayose has always shown to be fearless and he takes the fight to Buhari and the Northern nitwits.

    Go on

  • thepostman

    This is the only country that folks are still walking around with cattles like the have nothing better to do. In most countries, there are ranches and these so called herdsmen should be allowed to stay in the ranch. The cattle are more healthier because they don’t have to expend energy. Nigeria don’t need to reinvent anything in the world we just have to copy what works out there in the rest of the world.