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For Val, US-Based Artiste, Janelia, Reveals Hubby


AFTER many years of hiding the love of her life from her music fans, in celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, or as she prefers to call it, ‘African-Love Day’, the US-based Nigerian artiste, Janelia, recently took to the studio to have a photo shoot with her husband, Femi Sanya. 

   Though Janelia had not openly introduced him to the world as her husband until now, Femi has always been with her on stage, as both the music director and bass guitar player of her band, Janeliasoul, as well as being behind the scenes. 

   Femi, in fact, is the producer of one of Janelia’s most celebrated, Love Song in Yoruba, as well as co-directed the video and Janelia’s latest music video, Bakassi. Mr. and Mrs. Sanya recently celebrated their 12 years of marriage, and their union has been blessed with two sons, whose ages are 11 and 7.

    The two met in the music industry, while they were both touring with other bands in the US. Back then, Janelia, a student and a graduate of Morgan State University, U.S.A, was a backup singer/dancer in a band and Femi Sanya was the bass guitar player of that particular band before he swept her off her feet and the two became an item ever since. Femi is also the brain behind some of Shina’s Peters hits from the 1990s. He, together with the Hausa drummer named, Ali Muhammed, forged the Afrojuju style and Femi played the bass guitar behind all those Shina Peters hits Nigerians have come to love, which includes, Ace, Shinamania, Experience and Kilode.

   Janelia says, “Femi is a musical genius, he helped develop my craft and without him I wouldn’t’ have a career as an artiste and a female band leader. Our marriage has been about love, God, family, music, passion, artistic expression, and sometimes, even sweat and tears, but overall, it is a beautiful union, which I continually thank God for. We are a power couple because in over a decade of marriage we have found ways of working in unity and synergy without compromising each other’s individuality. I am married to my best friend, my muse, my producer, my number one critic and my partner in crime. As Americans will say, I’m his ‘Radada Chick’ and he is my “Nigger for Life”. I look forward to many more years of greatness with Femi Sanya.”

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