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Forum condemns Sunday Igboho’s attempted arrest


The Southern and Middle Belt Leaders’ Forum (SMBLF) has condemned attempted arrest of Yoruba rights’ activist, Mr.  Sunday Igboho by a combined team of security forces.
It was claimed that Igboho, who was on his way to Lagos, on Friday, for a scheduled meeting with one of the Afenifere leaders, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, was to be arrested by security agents but for the resistance of his loyalists.
In a statement, Spokesmen of SMBLF, Yinka Odumakin (Southwest), Isuwa Dogo (Middle Belt), Bassey Henshaw (Southeast) and Chief Guy Ikokwu (South South), said the forum noticed Department of State Service’s denial in the media of its involvement in the operation.

The statement read: “It came as an embarrassing thing, that as the show of shame was  going on, the President was defending, not cracking down on bandits because he is trying to avoid casualties.

“That is an admission of the soft care for bandits by the government and pro-bandit supporters, who have been poking their fingers in the faces of non-bandit Nigerians.
“The President wasn’t aware of such caution in using maximum force against EndSARS, which they celebrated in Kaduna    
“It is also a demonstration of two sets of rules in the country, one for Fulani bandits and another for non-Fulani communities, who are being treated like conquered people.”
The added that if there is still serious authority in Nigeria, it is people like Shekau, Gumi and troublers of Nigeria, who should be under security scrutiny and not those who have committed no offence, known to law outside raising their voices against genocide going on across Nigeria.

“We somehow feel it’s not too late to persuade Buhari to show that he is still the President of a united Nigeria by changing gear to run an inclusive country with same rules of engagement for all nationalities to restore confidence in the system.
“It has also come to our notice how bandits in the North are turning vehicles bringing foodstuffs to the South back in some unhidden blockage suggestive of war measures.
“We hope they know the implication, if Southern communities start to block fuel products from going to the North and its attendant implications. They should be careful of what they are throwing, as they don’t know what their opponents are holding,” they said.


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