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How Italian home fragrance brand Locherber Milano takes the senses to new heights


When it comes to smell, the fourth sense operates in a unique way compared to humans’ other kinesthetic senses. While touch, taste, sight and sound process information first ahead of feelings, smell operates differently, invoking deep emotions before the identification of a scent occurs. As famed film critic Roger Ebert once said, “your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” Holding this to be true, emerging Italian home fragrance brand Locherber Milano has crafted extraordinarily sophisticated home fragrances with the aim of tapping into humanity’s singular most poignant feature to create a truly nuanced experience.

Each of Locherber Milano’s fragrances has been meticulously crafted with premium ingredients to reach the epitome of enjoyment, with every fragrance having its own unique identity. The company’s Madeleine Rose achieves a sensual yet lighthearted vibe by using notes of strawberry, Damascus rose, and vanilla, harkening back to ancient Roman times and enveloping the room in tenderness. For those with a more spiritual sensibility, Aramaik features bitter orange, bergamot, myrrh and agarwood to transport users to Egypt eons ago, reminiscent of archaic burial rituals and a time long forgotten. With more than a dozen more fragrances to choose from, and available in an array of diffusers, candles, and eau de parfums, Locherber Milano truly has a scent to please everyone.

The third generation of entrepreneurs of the famed Cosval Group, led by Stefano and Brigitte Baerlocher, are running the business today by utilizing the know-how and experience from the 50 year old Swiss family business. The secret ingredients for Locherber’s success story are indeed the intrinsic mix of Italian heritage and Swiss precision; this means that every product features an ultra-modern design made with the highest quality of raw materials.


“There is no compromise when it comes to building a luxury brand, every single detail must be quality-checked and tailored to perfection. In this sense, we are proud to be Swiss-minded,” says Stefano Baerlocher.

Likewise, the homage to Italy is clear in every painstakingly handcrafted bottle; the made in Italy bespoke glass bottles are carefully designed to reflect light in an eye-catching manner. Hand-made lids feature a patented design evocative of the Roman temples; whenever possible, the woods used to create the lids are re-used from old Venetian sea poles that would otherwise be thrown away.

“These measures allow our business to create luxury products that are at the same time sustainable for the environment,” adds Brigitte Baerlocher. “Being Swiss, we know how much nature is important to us.”

With its amazing attention to detail, Locherber Milano has taken fragrance beyond just a simple scent and into an upscale, captivating experience. To be transported to another aromatic world, Visit Locherber Milano’s flagship store in Milan, boutique in Rome, online store and Instagram for more on the expertly crafted scents.


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