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How the online slots industry continues to boom


Online slots are spectacularly popular throughout the world. The fun and fast game is one of the most widespread online gaming creations. In the UK, providers such as winkslots have realized the huge potential for slots games for online audiences.

Among the reasons for slots massive popularity online is the convenience and ease of play of the game. Online players no longer need to visit physical venues and casinos where slot machines are set up. Instead, they can simply play online wherever and whenever they want.

The True Success of Online Slots
An important reason for the popularity of online slot games is the speed of the games. Slots are an accelerated and fast slice of entertainment.


A great example of a ‘pick up and play’ game, there are no complex and convoluted rules to learn. It is simply a case of logging on and playing the game in comfort for a quick burst of fun.

A game can be completed in moments, and before you know it you can be starting the next. This makes the success of slots games and their interaction with online casino outlets perfectly clear.
The fact is that online casino games dominate the gaming industry, and this is largely down to online slot games.

Themed Slot Games

Along with the ease of access, online slots also offer an ever-changing collection of themes. These can originate from an influence from popular TV shows and films. Characters from computer games have also made their mark in online slots games. Themes from world history such as Ancient Egypt and Rome are also widely popular.

Location based themes link in with this by offering a spot of virtual travel thanks to city themes. Famous places like Las Vegas, Rio, London and Paris all share their energy and beauty to online slots.

The huge variety of different themes for slot games is always increasing. Taking inspiration from a truly global range of ideas, there are always new additions to the essential template.

Along with movies and TV, fantasy themed slots are another big winner in the online slots stakes.

Drawing inspiration from myths and legends such as leprechauns, elves, witches and warlocks, the touch of magic in the graphics and gameplay is perfect for a break from the traditional.

Many slot game themes are inspired by different industries such as TV and film.

Mobile Devices and Online Slots

New advances in mobile technology and personal devices have also helped online slots to grow.
Nowadays games developers have to correctly configure their designs to accommodate the size and shape of mobile screens. A slots game is one of the easiest casino games to play on the go. It is a quick game to play and does not require extensive uploads or extra configuration.

This makes it a more convenient game to play when travelling or waiting in a queue.

Players accessing their favourite games on mobile devices is always increasing. Indeed, statistics show that these days gamers play more on their smartphones than anywhere else.


As the number of people using portable devices has increased, so too have the numbers of people accessing all kinds of games. Online slots have made the most of this change in the industry by harnessing the speed and accessibility of portable devices.

Mobile phones have contributed to the success of online slots, with games being a lot more convenient and accessible.

A Different Appeal
The old idea of slot machines only appealing to a single core demographic has increasingly gone out of date. With the move to a more flexible and convenient online base, slot games now welcome scores of new and diverse players.

Nowadays, slot games and other casino games can be played on consoles such as the Xbox, which targets the more ‘hardcore gamer’ who are likely to invest in gaming equipment.

Research has shown that demographics for online slots now include greater numbers of both female and older players. Contesting with the old view of online gamers being younger men, the new online slots industry has change and promise as part of its core make up.

Figures have shown that 39% of slots players are female, with a recent increase to this number suggesting a pronounced change.


The Future of Online Slots
While the future for many things looks uncertain, in the field of online gaming things look more secure.

According to a recently published report from Global Industry Analysts, the world casino market is expected to reach $153.2 billion by 2026. Slots are bound to be a major part of this growth as the game continues its popular reach online.
New technological developments will also be a major part of the continued online slots journey. As virtual reality and augmented reality technology becomes more present in our lives, the effect on online gaming will be assured.

The future of online slots could well be a part of this change. Who knows; perhaps mobile slots operating with 3D peripherals such as visors and gloves could be part of the gaming experience?
As part of the move to offer gamers a more rounded and fully immersive involvement, it is not a stretch to imagine that online slots games could be a major beneficiary.

Or other as yet unexplored tech could come into play to heighten the games still further. Whatever happens, the popularity of online slots looks assured thanks to their convenience, speed and sheer entertainment.


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