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Igbo youths protest against Patience Jonathan’s trial


Patience Jonathan

Patience Jonathan

Handover date to new officers remains, says Ohanaeze

A group, Concerned Igbo Youths, yesterday blocked some major streets in Enugu, protesting against the ongoing probe of former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.

Led by their coordinator, Victor Ezenagu, they said the probe, which had led to the freezing of her bank account, was aimed at humiliating former President Goodluck Jonathan.

They marched to the Enugu office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) where they submitted a petition titled “Unjust persecution and desperate plan to humiliate former President Goodluck Jonathan,” to the South East zonal head of the commission, ‎Mr. Johnson Babalola.

According to the youths: ‎”‎While we salute the commitment of the present administration towards fighting corruption in the country, we, however, express our disaffection WITH the manner the war is being prosecuted by the commission.

“It is quite condemnable that having sacrificed his ambition for the sake of Nigeria’s future, Jonathan’s family is being visited with such cruelty from the commission.”

They added that while they were not against the anti-graft war, “it should be done within the ambit of the law. It is not proper for the EFCC to punish the family of the former president and freeze their account over mere allegations.”

Meanwhile, Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo said the January 12, 2017 handover date to new national executives remains sacrosanct despite the delay in the constitution of the electoral committee.

The four-year tenure of the incumbent leadership of Chief Gary Igariwey would elapse by January 12, 2007 to pave the way for new officers.

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  • HeOjAy

    Thank you the Igbo Youths for standing by our First Lady. She does not belong to kitchen, the sitting room & other rooms. She played politics with her husband as a co-partner in leadership. I hope PMB will learn from her that woman’s worth doesn’t end in the kitchen. This persecution will end one day & the time of reckoning for PMB will also come.

    • Arabakpura

      Those were not Igbo youths! Enugu has nothing to do with Patience and Jonathan and there is no reason for such to take place there! The roads leading to Enugu are in terrible shape that Enugu people wondered what that group was talking about! Anyway, it was said that they received N500 each!

      • HeOjAy

        Let me take you into the politics of Nigeria. For a minority man to rule for the first time he was trying to please the North to be given the opportunity to end his 2nd term shifting his attention to the SS/SE which never came to past. He should be appreciated for improving the north but failed to better the lots of SS/SE.

        • Arabakpura

          Thank you for that comment! The man had a PhD but he never came across the wise dictum that opportunity comes but once!

          • silvermagnum

            Nice response.

  • Hah!

    Alternatively some Okrika boys were imported from Port Harcourt by night buses to cause confusion in Enugu. Chai!

    • Jacky

      Very possible. But not without the connivance of some Igbo boys

  • ikpesu bjah

    Take back your life financially. Our program shows you how!

  • silvermagnum

    Bunch of confused clowns

    • TheEAGLE_EYE

      Your lineage age are clowns. and will remain the same. Buhari will one day regret his actions after his presidency.That’ll be phenomenal. Because,I can’t picture to myself how a full-blooded fulani can fight corruption incorruptible. There’ll certainly be a day of Reckoning. What goes around comes around.

      • Realist

        He is currently fighting one now……….yuuuuppiiiii

  • Jacky

    I feel convinced that this is a hired crowd, however, I still feel sorry for some of my fellow Igbos.

  • adebayo dawud

    Nobody is trying Patience Jonathan but rather , corruption was discovered and she vehemently associated herself with it. Hence the gods are not to blame. if youth could support actions that makes their future unrealistic then it is finished for their generation

  • Realist

    Nigeria police don’t seem to know their job! Those protesting youth should be arrested and tried for supporting corruption