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Kenyan lawyer offers livestock to wed Obama’s daughter: report


malia obama

Malia obama

A Kenyan lawyer has offered US president Barack Obama 50 cows and other assorted livestock in exchange for his 16-year old daughter Malia’s hand in marriage, a report said Tuesday.

Felix Kiprono said he was willing to pay 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats in order to fulfil his dream of marrying the first daughter.

“I got interested in her in 2008,” Kiprono said, in an interview with The Nairobian newspaper.

At that time President Obama was running for office for the first time and Malia was a 10-year-old.

“As a matter of fact, I haven’t dated anyone since and promise to be faithful to her. I have shared this with my family and they are willing to help me raise the bride price,” he said.

Kiprono said he intended to put his offer of marriage to Obama and hopes the president will bring his daughter with him when he makes his first presidential visit to Kenya, the country where his father was born, in July.

Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, who is in her early 90s, still lives in Kogelo, in western Kenya, home to a number of the president’s relatives.

“I am currently drafting a letter to Obama asking him to please have Malia accompany him for this trip. I hope the embassy will pass the letter to him,” he said.

Kiprono dismissed the notion he might be a gold-digger.

“People might say I am after the family’s money, which is not the case. My love is real,” he insisted.

The young lawyer, whose age was not revealed, said he had already planned his proposal, which would be made on a hill near his rural village, and the wedding at which champagne would be shunned in favour of a traditional sour milk called “mursik”.

Kiprono said that as a couple he and the young Obama would lead “a simple life”.

“I will teach Malia how to milk a cow, cook ugali (maize porridge) and prepare mursik like any other Kalenjin woman,” he said.

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  • Eric

    He wants her to come back home.

  • New Nigerian

    Makes for a very funny drama sketch. I am sure the young man can find another bride raised in the culture he cherish so much, let him get on with life….

    • ade

      Yes, in fact a movie could be made out of this. Ha! Ha!

  • ade

    Sorry Mr Kenyan Lawyer, your cultures are different. A person is made up of both “Nature and Nurture.” Her Nature may be partly Kenyan and partly American. You are similar to her in being of Kenyan roots which is the nature part. But Obamas daughter is raised American meaning she was nurtured in an environment different from yours with a whole different set of values. Her nurture may create a big difference in your interactions and may not augur well for a lasting marriage that needs cohesion. You may be better off with a local Kenyan girl that looks like Obamas daughter. Very funny indeed. Keep on searching and you will find.

  • Mine.

    And why ever not? Follow your heart. How do you know it is a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ if you don’t ask.
    Goodluck sir.

  • citizen56

    This attorney is going to lose many cases for exposing his serious lack of analytical skill. What manner of an attorney would seek the hand of a 16 year old in marriage. She is yet to start college; but the lawyer wants all that ambition put on hold as he shuttles from one farm to the other gathering different livestocks to make the dowry….”men at sometime are masters of their fate..” This venture has crashed, so seek your bride to be nearest you, and your chances would be pretty much high. But, good luck to you.