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Nigerians can fight COVID-19 with Chinese technology, says Akinterinwa

By Debo Oladimeji |   04 September 2021   |   3:04 am  

Amidst the spike in Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the country, a former Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Prof. Bola Akinterinwa, has urged the federal and governments to fight the disease with the latest Chinese technology.

Speaking during the launch of a coronavirus ‘free house’ in Lagos, Akinterinwa, who is a pioneer member and a trustee of the Nigeria-Chinese Friendship Association, said people now use the technology instead of wearing face masks.

“We have this product by GREE. It manufactured a machine that can kill all viruses, particularly coronavirus. In this case, when you have a machine that can kill a virus then why shouldn’t any government particularly in Africa take an interest in this machine, especially at this time we are told that this is what people use in China instead of putting on face masks. Since viruses are airborne, the machine is tailored to kill the viruses in the air.”

According to him, anybody “who wants to be free from viruses ought to be interested in this kind of association and then begin to live a new life.”

Speaking about the water purifier that was also unveiled by the firm, he said: “I have much interest in this as well because the quality of life begins with quality water. We need very good oxygenated water to survive. You need an oxygenated environment to survive.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Smart Green Energy House Light Steel Construction, SGEL of Century Shengfa Group Nigeria Branch, Ivy Liu, and her partner, Henry Jiao, said they spent 600 hours with10 workers to put up the structure, adding that it could be recycled.

“We are starting with 10,000 top renters in Lagos. With a registration fee of N1 million you can become one of the privileged people to enjoy the facilities,” he said.

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