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One killed, several injured as APC rally ends in bloodshed


apc celebratesThe last day of political campaign did not end well in Mafoluku, Lagos on Thursday as a former PDP chieftain simply known as RMD who recently decamped to the APC some days ago was murdered by a gang said to be loyal to MC Oluomo during a rally for APC candidate.

According to a PDP agent in Oshodi area who does not want his name in print, said the deceased coordinated the presidential election in Oshodi area as head of PDP agent but recently defected to APC earlier this week.

He added that the PDP the got information that some of it agents in the area was invited by an APC chieftain where they were offered money for them to decamp because the area is known as PDP stronghold.

An APC agent in Oshodi, Oladipupo Sulaimon said ‘’PDP members in Mafoluku attacked the APC during a rally that lead to the death of the man, Oshodi and Mafoluku have been at loggerhead with Oshodi for a very long time. The rally fueled the attack at the late hour of Thursday where a life was lost.

Sulaimo continued ‘‘the deceased is known for making trouble in the area. They attacked Oluomo and other people during the rally, the gang then respond and it lead to the death of a person. Oluomo cannot handle a gun it was his gang that killed him’’.

In his own version, Sadimu, The newly elected member of house of representatives in Oshodi Isolo constituency 2 said he was yet to get the detail of the deceased but the information available is that, the deceased was a prominent member of the People Democratic Party (PDP) who decamped to the APC at the early hour Thursday ‘’the news of his decampment to the APC at the early hour of Thursday came to us as a surprise because he was one of our prominent member, the party felt bad but we could do nothing to make him change his mind as there was no sign of disloyalty to the party but we felt that he was invited to the fold of the APC for them to kill him’’.

The APC member also torched my house when I was not around; they molested people in my compound and destroyed the banner of my party.

The APC is full of lies; they felt threatened by the support, Oluomo was not happy with the presence of the deceased in their midst because of his popularity and that the deceased may takeover from him, the arrangement between the APC and the deceased was perceived by the Oluomo faction as threat’’. He said.

The police Public Relation Officer (PPRO) who promised to do thorough investigation on the incident said ‘’when we got to the scene, we met a man in his own pool of own blood, immediately we rushed him to the hospital where he was confirmed’’

Members of the People Democratic Party (PDP) who have TAN banner in their houses removed the banners at the early hour of Friday for fear of attack and intimidation

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  • COSH_Truth_is_Bitter

    All the so-called TAN ambassadors should follow GEJ to Bayelsa.

  • Idris Ademola

    I have read about 2 or 3 articles from Guardian online this morning and it seems the editorial team of Guardian has not been doing their job well. There are obvious grammatical errors. For example.

    ‘’when we got to the scene, we met a man in his own pool of own blood, immediately we rushed him to the hospital where he was confirmed’’

    Confirmed what?