Friday, 1st July 2022
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Rotary Club of Isolo observes Day of Service with free health tests

Rotary Club of Isolo observed Rotary Day of Service with health exercises and free healthcare for members of Isolo community where various

Asst. Governor, Ralph Abanum (2nd left); President Raji Tejumola Taiwo; Public Image Chair, Rotarian Mohammed Yusuf Bolaji (2nd right) and other members of Rotary Club of Isolo during the Rotary Day of Service in Isolo.

Rotary Club of Isolo observed Rotary Day of Service with health exercises and free healthcare for members of Isolo community where various tests of blood, BP, HIV, Cholesterol and malaria, among others were carried out.

Speaking at the occasion, a member of Rotary Club of Isolo, Assistant Governor, Rotary International, District 9110, Rotarian Ralph Abanum, said Rotary Day of Service was dedicated to showcase the club as a service organisation, a day dedicated to ensure that members of the community in Isolo were encouraged to check and know their health status.

“We have reached out to the entire Isolo community prior to this event to create awareness. We are also partnering with the Isolo General Hospital and we are having members of their staff carrying out the tests.

“More than 400 people have benefited and more are still coming.

“The main goal is to ensure that the community lives in good health because a healthy community is a wealthy community and when they know their health status, they would be able to take corrective measures and live in good health,” he said.

Change maker President, Rotary Club of Isolo, Rotarian Raji Tejumola Taiwo, described the event as very successful, corroborated by the crowd that turned out for the two major exercises.

She gave kudos to the committee and its chairman that sensitised members of the community, who turned out en-mass for the event.

“The motive is to carry out different physical exercises with their coaches, as well as giving free health care to the people of Isolo community, targeting 500 beneficiaries.

“We are partnering with Isolo General Hospital and their doctors are on ground to carry out various tests for the people. In case of any referral, such patients would be connected with the hospital.

“Another major motive is membership drive and we are happy today that there are prospective Rotarians.

She described Rotary Day of Service as an international programme that the President, Rotary International, has made mandatory for all clubs to carry out with a view to showcasing and publicising Rotary for everybody to know what the club is all about.

“We are also carrying out this programme with Rotaract Club of Isolo Metropolitan,” she said.

She disclosed that the exercise cost about one million naira with partners such as Toyota, C. Woermann, Veggie Victory, Everest Farms Limited, and Colenson Group, among others.

Public Image Chair, Rotarian Mohammed Yusuf Bolaji, said the task to bring the crowd together included giving out of flyers and other strategies.

“We are carrying out this event to give back to the society and also create awareness of Rotary as an avenue whereby people in Isolo can learn how to do so.

“We are adding the names of prospective Rotary members to the Rotary Intending Group prior to their becoming full Rotarians as we need to know who they are, the job they do, among others and we would also encourage them to imbibe the ideals of the organisation as enunciated in the Rotary 4-Way Test.

My message to the beneficiaries of today is to develop the heart of giving and become Rotarians.”

One of the sponsors, Rotarian Adeyanju Oyebola, Co-Founder of Veggie Victory, also disclosed the importance of educating people on healthy living premising her reason for being part of the sponsors of the programme on this, while she described the programme as successful.