Saturday, 10th June 2023
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School debunks ritualist, paedophiles rumours

By Silver Nwokoro
06 September 2022   |   1:14 am
The Management of Difas School has debunked rumours of ritual killing, paedophiles, among others being circulated.

The Management of Difas School has debunked rumours of ritual killing, paedophiles, among others being circulated.

A group on social media, claimed that the school is being run by a kidnapper, where ritual killing is taking place and paedophiles are allowed as teachers.
The group also urged the Lagos State government to sanction the school for encouraging bullying, while threatening the school with post tags on social media.

But the Director, Difas school, Taiwo Jojolola, who briefed the media at the weekend, explained that the attack against the school located at Ikorodu, Lagos, is more of a revenge plan.
“The group had told the school to remove its advert from Alujo Fm because they are coming after anyone that does business with Adekola. When Difas School refused, they increased their threats and blackmail.

“They claimed that Alujo Fm is a bully, a cyber bully and a tyrant. To the best of our knowledge, a bully and a tyrant is someone who does cruel things to others that are weaker or less privileged. We didn’t see any of these characteristics in Alujo Fm and we believe that we reserve the right to do business with anybody we deem fit without any interference from a third party.
“This is a case of a bully calling his victim the bully because they have displayed all the characteristics of a bully through the threats and blackmail they have been sending to the Director of Difas School,” she lamented.
Debunking all the allegations, Jojolola said: “Difas School has never recorded any case of a missing child, school bullying, kidnapping, pedophiles or ritualist activities since her inception till date and will never do such by the grace of God. 

“Instead, we have recorded glorious academic progress and excellence in all our activities. The school has been a home away from home for all her students and pupils. Parents of Difas School and everyone who knows Difas know that the School is a big blessing to Lagos State and Nigeria at large.
“We enjoin all peace-loving citizens of our great country that may come across any of their antics against Difas School to consider their evil schemes irrelevant and not buy into any of their lies.” 
The Director noted that the school has reported the defamation of character to the relevant authorities, while legal actions have been initiated against them.