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Seinye accuses Ghanian court of bias in ruling on Lulu-Briggs’ place of death


Seinye, the widow of Chief Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs founder of Moni Pulo Limited, has accused the Ghanian court that ruled in favour of her stepson Dumo on her husband’s place of death of denying her a right to a fair hearing.

She alleged that her stepson, Dumo, desperately procured a ruling claiming a Ghanaian magistrate ruled that her late husband died in Nigeria and not Ghana.

The widow in a statement by her spokesperson Oraye Franklyn said the entire ruling of the said Coroner appears to be the mirrored wordings of Dumo’s sworn applicant affidavit and the same narrative singularly rehashed by him in the media

“However, the said court acknowledged that it made a ruling on an Inquest. The conflict in delivering an exhaustive ruling in a matter the Coroner claimed no jurisdiction on opens up a Pandora box of legal complexities that will be exhaustively pursued in courts,” Seinye said.


“The said ruling was possibly procured by her desperate and embattled stepson Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the second son of her late husband, High Chief O. B. LuluBriggs, from a seemingly compromised Ghanaian Magistrate and Coroner.”

She expressed curiosity to why the ruling by the Coroner relied only on the statement by one Ilaye Philemon, “her former bodyguard whom she has since discovered was once the Chief bouncer at Illusions Night Club, one of the many defunct businesses owned by Dumo Lulu-Briggs.”

The widow said it was wrong for the court to conclude on issues as fundamental as the cause, place and time of death of her husband over and above an autopsy conducted by the Ghanaian Military and statements by other witnesses.

Seinye said she was in the company of more than 40 persons who accompanied her husband and her, along with other passengers to the airport on the 27th of December 2018, when they departed Nigeria for their annual vacation in Accra, Ghana.

“Mrs. Lulu-Briggs queries why the Coroner picked and chose only some parts of the said statement by Ilaye Philemon, which she went on to twist to serve her mercantile purpose, and ignored the said parts that clearly stated that the High Chief ate on the said flight to Accra,” Seinye said.

“The Coroner mischievously ignored the above part of Ilaye’s statement but went on to twist it to arrive at the odious conclusion that the High Chief died in Nigeria, even when Ilaye did not say so.


She stated that the court ought to take comments by the other eight passengers on board the flight to Accra including one of his sons Datienm LuluBriggs and his Pastor Apostle Zilly Aggrey, the Pilot of the world-renowned Private Jet Charter company VistaJet that conveyed them to Accra.

“The Doctor who received him at the Airport hospital documented his time and place of death and issued his death certificate was also not cross-examined,” Seinye said.

“Scandalously, the entire ruling of the Coroner appears to be the mirrored wordings of Dumo’s sworn applicant affidavit and the same narrative singularly rehashed by him in the media since the day he threatened her before Pastor David Ibiyeomie for refusing to agree to set aside her husband’s Last Will.”

She maintained that her step son’s “settlement proposal, which seeks to set aside her husband’s UK-notarised will and passed on to her by Dumo through the Rivers State Attorney General as directed by His Excellency, The Governor, confirms this fact.”

The widow said she “views the said ruling by the Coroner as bizarre based on the fact that its Registry says no inquest was done in that court. This is the same court that issued Dumo Lulu-Briggs three consecutive Court orders on the same issue, at different times and on the same day 12th July 2019.

“That action was in the desperate bid by Dumo to have a private and compromised autopsy done on the late High Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs without the involvement of his stepmother.”

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