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Ten best sites to find someone by reverse email lookup

The best email search sites are an excellent way to find the required information. The user can get access to phone numbers, social media, addresses, and more personal information about any person.


The best email search sites are an excellent way to find the required information. The user can get access to phone numbers, social media, addresses, and more personal information about any person.

Sometimes one needs to search for people online? Also, companies and business people need to search someone’s essential details. They search for an email address to approach the particular person with specific email directories and search engines. 10 Best Sites to Find Someone by Reverse Email Lookup will help you reach your required person.

SearchPeopleFree is a user-friendly platform to learn vital information on a target person using only their email address. The platform provides details, such as the individual’s full name, other addresses, current and former phone numbers, known relatives, and professional associations, while doing email lookup for free.

The site finds and removes your private details from the top people search sites that are appearing online. The sites facilitate the users with a free people search engine.

Moreover, if one wants to gain access to the entire background report, they need to pay a minimal fee. One may get access to all helpful details, including aliases, arrest records, and other related information.

Similar to other reverse email lookup services, SearchPeopleFree guarantees complete access to updated information. It is the ideal and reliable solution to find data with good credibility.

Here’s how one can use the service to perform free reverse email lookup:

Step1: Access the site, and click on the Email tab.

Step 2: Enter the Email Address of the target user or entity, and click on Search.
Step 3: The service will reveal the information in an instant.

Customizable and good user experience
Dynamic interface
Affordable pricing package

A free trial may offer limited data

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate is the record search service or public that allows the user to check information online about the target person. They may be a potential client, business partner, or future employee.

Besides, the user can access names, photos, previous jobs, addresses, other known email lookup addresses, usernames on websites, social media profiles. Gravatar profile and so on.

The site is legit to use anonymously, and they are clear about all the services they provide. The cancelation process is simple and easy, allowing the user to cancel the subscription on time without extra charges. They do not charge any termination fees, and the client is free to cancel their subscription anytime.

User-interface is easy to learn
Massive control of public info
A five-day trial costs $1.00

Reports loading may be slow
Cannot buy individual reports

PeopleFinders is a DaaS(data-as-a-service) provider that can help perform various types of online background checks. It only requires limited information to enter, including name, phone number, or address.

The site offers people and public record searches, address searches, criminal records, and background check searches. It offers a trial option, along with several pricing options. Depending on the plan, the user can choose a background report membership or a people search membership. The site is worth considering with its robust customer support service.

Information credibility is 95%
Signing up monthly plan gets access to more reports

The cancellation process may be annoying

TruthFinder is one of the top versatile services that bring about a variety of background checks. You need to only put in limited information, and it can give the data in detail in return. It works through public databases, including social media.

Moreover, the reverse email search platform is effective and provides accurate information. It helps to find any record. Its pervasive database collects comprehensive data available on public platforms. Besides, it ensures all documents are from systematic patterns and well-sorted in categories.

The user-friendly interface allows users to find information simply by only putting the target person’s phone number. The information may be an email address, addresses, criminal records, phone numbers, etc. The site offers permission to remove their information from the public record so that no one can see it.

Self-monitoring capability
Impressive and easy-to-use function
User-friendly interface

Maybe pricy

Whitepages brings another ideal choice to find phone numbers, additional emails, business information, addresses, and property records. It encompasses consumers of nearly 35 million people. The reverse email lookup directory incorporates accurate information in a shorter time.

Besides, the site is among the 3 top-rated domains for reverse email lookup Gmail.
The site is highly credible and affordable with an easy use platform. The company brings a free email lookup service with publicly available information and two paid plans for an in-depth check.

Additionally, it can discover previous and current address information, property ownership, landline, cell phone contact numbers, criminal history, additional address, personal information like age and relatives, bankruptcy information.

High accuracy and ease of use
Straightforward pricing plans
A free background check (limited)

It may not be 100% accurate

PeopleFinderFree is a people search engine and public records database with a massive record of 43 billion users and more than 6,000 data sources. It will be helpful to achieve the goal by identifying fake lookup email addresses and detect potential fraud in time.

It’s all up to the user’s choice to select paid and free options offering different functionality, or you may even pick as per the needs. The report consists of criminal records in databases. It comprises information of more than 250 million US Americans.

So, it makes it easy for you to find a criminal record of any kind. It shows quick results with extensive descriptions. An authentic background check involves email accounts, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, and legal data, including court records, marriages, criminal judgments, and property information.

Easy to use and simple
Personal and business data provider
Comprehensive and reliable information

No offer for social media source

Here is another site with widespread use due to its great features. It incorporates many good qualities, handles a seamless tech blend, and generates deep and capable information. The features include search engines crawling through billions of public records.

Moreover, it can provide information about phone numbers, aliases, alternative email addresses, education, work experience, social media profiles, etc. The site can be helpful to find the court records on possible criminal and civil cases.

Besides, the reverse email lookup reveals information about unrecognized email addresses. It also lets the user know if the sender is legit or a scammer. It encompasses Gmail address scans in its vast databases for information. It explores the name and organization of the particular email, social media accounts, and the sender’s data.

Flat pricing model
Transparent policy
Attentive customer support

Long waiting for results
No free trial offer

RealPeopleSearch is a public search company that provides its customers with information services. The site enables users to run through the background checks and get access to the details of a person. Reports could disclose a criminal background, unknown aliases, past addresses, social media accounts, etc.

The site uses public records and data on the internet to produce their background reports, the data comes specifically from federal, state, and local government agencies. More importantly, it may not be a technical consumer reporting agency, yet it can be helpful for a personal matter.

Easy to use interface
Customer service and user support

Pricing plans may be complex
Confusing advertising

Reddit is a social media platform where users interact with one another. If a person enters someone’s email or Gmail into the search bar, they are bound to receive ample information on the target individual. Still, it is not a dedicated platform to.

Credible email information
Easy to use system

Might be inaccurate

FindPeopleFast quickly does a background check and offers in-depth and updated information. The site turns up public records and presents data from social media accounts.

Moreover, the data contains a phone number, criminal history, phone number, email address, property ownership information, job history, names of potential associates, friends, and family members, etc.

Self-monitoring tool
Updated and current information
Lacks trial period

We hope this guide has been helpful for you to find the best Email or Gmail lookup to know your required information about the target person. All the 10 platforms mentioned in this guide are useful and offer accurate information from just an email address.