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The Ayo-Philips laugh at Laughter Foundation


Pastor Oso with the couple and their twins

After two decades of marriage and wait to have their own children, Olabode Ayo-Philip and his wife, Bolanle, were eventually blessed with a set of twins, a boy and a girl, less than one year after they joined Laughter Foundation Cathedral in Lagos.

The General Overseer of the Foundation, Pastor Gbenga Oso, had prayed for the couple about one year ago for a miracle to happen, and when it did, their joy knew no bounds, as manifested during the naming ceremony at the church.

Olabode said it is a dream come true. “In every area, I have suffered so much, especially from people that are so close to me. In this clime, when you don’t have a child, you are considered an outcast.


“Somebody that was really close to me was doing a birthday for his child and he did not border to tell me, and so many more like that.

“The excruciating pain can best be imagined, because it is believed that you are to bequeath something. It is a thing of joy and it is Biblical to procreate.

“I am particularly happy seeing my children in my sojourn of life. I have attended so many naming ceremonies and it has now come to me.

He continued: “Medically, there was no problem. I think it is largely spiritual, and if you get to a place where the spirit of God is flowing, your prayers will be answered. It is only anointing that breaks the yoke.”

The couple joined Laughter Foundation in January last year and are now biological parents, one year after.

For this, he said: “I thank God for answering my prayers. I have spent millions of naira looking for children. Everything works together for those who love the Lord.

“I will not say there is any regret. God works in his own time. I must give it to my wife; she has been most loving. I met her when things were very tough for me,” he said.

“I have virtually been to different places. I have been married since 2011 and my wife has been most cooperative, loving and devoted. She is an angel and I am most glad that God has done this thing for us.

“I met my wife when things were very tough and she stood by me. When people don’t mock you sometimes, God doesn’t make you. It is going to be a very big testimony. Thank God for the grace, in spite of all the temptations,” he said.

Bolanle said it was not easy for her during the period she was waiting on the Lord. “It is not a positive experience. You know that in this part of the world, child bearing is very important and they look at those without children as outcasts.

“I give glory to God that it is well. I can tell you that with God, all things are possible. It has been a nasty experience. Although I am in my mid 40s, God gave me victory at last.

“I ask God for only one child and to my pleasant surprise, He has given me two- Taiwo, a boy, and Kehinde, a girl, who are a bundle of joy to my nuclear and extended family.


“I thank the God of Laughter Foundation.”

Curiously, she said people who had not been exchanging greetings with her now come to visit the bundle of joy God has given to her family. People who have not called them for ages are now calling them.

The General Overseer of Laughter Foundation, Pastor Gbenga Oso, said: “I feel elated; there is no way to describe my joy.

“God established this church to pray for people searching for children, so that they can have children.

“Life has thought me that with God, all things are possible. This world is full of challenges we never prepared for.”


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