Wednesday, 19th January 2022
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Third Force blames leadership failure for Nigeria’s woes

By Ernest Nzor, Abuja
15 January 2022   |   4:08 am
Rescue Nigeria Project (RNP) has blamed the country’s woes on the flawed selection of flag-bearers by political parties.

Dr. Usman Bugaje

Rescue Nigeria Project (RNP) has blamed the country’s woes on the flawed selection of flag-bearers by political parties.

The third force in the country’s politics alleged that political parties do not prioritise knowledge or character, but wealth or connection, while selecting their point men.

It disclosed this, in Abuja, while inaugurating its zonal and state coordinators to recruit members and mobilise groups for an alternative political leadership to rescue the country from its doldrums.

At the event, the National Coordinator of RNP, Usman Bugaje, said that no citizen with conscience would allow his country to be run aground by greedy politicians whose objective of attaining power appear to be self-aggrandisement and embezzlement.

He said: “No sensible citizen would continue to ignore the consequences of allowing this kind of political culture to hold sway, having seen the dangerous trajectory it has set our country on. We are convinced that we can’t leave politics to politicians anymore. At the sorry state where our country is today, we actually need statesmen, not politicians, whose vision is beyond the next election.

“We are glad to report that since our public debut at the end of September last year, we have been contacted by nearly a dozen groups across the country, who are equally concerned about the future of our country. We have already agreed to work together to create the necessary synergy required to rescue our country from the cliff it has been driven to by our bad politics.”

He urges the newly inaugurated coordinators to identify competent and credible people, to build a team around Nigerians for a collegiate leadership system.

Chairman of the organising committee, Dr. Mike Omer, said: “It is about time we started the effective process of consolidation to serve, the kind we wish to see in our nation, going forward.

“As mobilisers, you have a lot to do, so that our people may know the difference and be ready to vote suitable, credible, competent and ready-to-perform Nigerians into various offices, by identifying the qualifying criteria enumerated by RNP.”

Also speaking, Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, noted that with the current political situation and landscape, Nigeria requires to be moved further than where it is.

He said: “We need to drive with a sense of urgency. If we want to get things done differently, then we must do it with a sense of urgency. I think the Rescue Nigeria Project is a platform that is providing itself the necessary tools to effect this urgency drive to sensitise Nigerians on the need to shift conversation in leadership selection in Nigeria.”