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Uber driver who returned lost $4000 gets recognition

By John Akubo, Abuja
14 June 2022   |   2:47 am
At the launch of the book ‘The Ethical Dilemma,’ an Uber driver’s uncommon sincerity to have returned $4,000 forgotten in his cab to the owner without being prompted

At the launch of the book ‘The Ethical Dilemma,’ an Uber driver’s uncommon sincerity to have returned $4,000 forgotten in his cab to the owner without being prompted, has stoked conversation on the new advocacy for society to comply with ethical standards.

The event, which was held at the Institute of Human Virology, Jabi, Abuja, yesterday, as part of activities to mark Democracy Day, saw the author of the book, Tajudeen Toyin-Oke, among others, stimulate ethical conversation amongst Nigerians while unveiling the Uber driver, Francis Sunday Adedokun, as an exemplary Nigerian who is ethically compliant.

Adedokun and family

According to the author, Adedokun took him and his wife home when they had an accident only for them to be confronted with an uncommon Nigerian in Adedokun, who returned $4,000 they forget in his car when they were yet to even discover they lost such money.

“What we are preaching is an ethical-compliant society. This gentleman helped my wife and me when we had an accident a few weeks ago we forgot $4,000 in his car and he returned the money to us.

“We did not have his contact, we did not know how to get back to him and he saw that the money was not his own and returned it. I appreciate him and his wife and children. Like somebody said, whatever we are doing, the children are watching. So his kids are already watching and you would not be surprised that we still have this kind of people in Nigeria.

“I am giving you a copy of this book, the ‘Ethical Dilemma’, charting a new part for ethics and value in Nigeria. You are an example of what I am talking about in this book and I really appreciate you.”

Adedokun, who hails from Otu, Itesiwaju Local Government Area of Oyo State, said: “At first, for someone in need of money, a lot went through my mind when I saw the money, but my conscience would not allow me to help myself with the money.

“That was how my parents brought me up. If we go out and we were given something, we must first take it home to them before any other thing. When I saw the money, what came to my mind was the fact that it was not mine, it does not mean I was not in need of money but I remembered that if I decide to make use of the money it will finish.”

“What example would I be giving to my kids and other Nigerians. I thank my wife because when I stumbled on the money, I called her because she is really my better half, no matter what happens like that I always make a recourse to her. I am a bolt driver and I have seen a lot of forgotten items, like phones which I have always returned to them.

“I called my wife to intimate her about what I saw, and she said, I should come home. On getting home I showed her and explained she said we should return it.

“As I speak, my house rent expired since December, school fees of my Children I have not paid, I am owing people, there are a lot I need money for but I felt if I used the money I may run mad at the end.

“Having returned the money, I have peace of mind, I am very happy.”

Coordinator of the event, Jamilu A K Ibrahim said, the author of the book has a passion for raising the ethical standards of Nigeria.

“As part of that passion he wrote the book ‘The Ethical Dilemma and now he is trying to simulate that ethical conversation amongst Nigerians and this is the reason for this event today.

“Last week he did something in the Divine Mercy School, he created a Society within the school such that we can capture the students from an early age so that they can begin to have that ethical awareness right from school and it is expected to spread from to different schools, this is the initiative.

“One of the things he is trying to show which he has just addressed in his presentation was that he has engaged several other organizations to be part of this cause.

“Also he decided to choose democracy day as a reason to create a forum where we can talk about ethics, it is all about leadership, he believes passionately that if we have the right leaders we can at least correct some of the imbalances within our society

“What Tajudeen Toyi Oke is trying to do here is actually to create that critical mass. As soon as we get that critical mass the politicians must listen.

“The problem is about creating that critical mass. By going to the schools, galvanising people into action, getting people to talk about these issues and creating that critical mass we need from the grassroots then automatically the politicians will have no option but to key into the ethical standards we are trying to advocate.”

“For this we said let’s talk ethics on democracy day. We have seen that we as grown-up we have disappointed the nation. So we want to catch them young.”

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