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Who called me from this phone number?

Thousands of calls are made on a single day. However, not every one of them is safe, and the chances are, a scammer is sitting on the other side of the call, waiting for an easy victim. However, how does one know if a certainly missed call was an important one or from a well-known…

Thousands of calls are made on a single day. However, not every one of them is safe, and the chances are, a scammer is sitting on the other side of the call, waiting for an easy victim. However, how does one know if a certainly missed call was an important one or from a well-known spambot without actually calling back?

This rising trend of scammers and spambots has led many to ask the same old question, “Whose phone number is this?” Fortunately, there’s a way of finding out, and this is where reverse phone lookup services come in.

Part 1: Whose Number Is This Calling Me?
With the world being a huge place with thousands of people connected together, there’s no telling who might be on the other side of the call. However, there are some categories that are common when it comes to phone calls from unknown numbers.

A Scammer
There are cheaters worldwide, and they’ll employ different strategies to trick people into giving them their money or, even worse, their personal information.
These scammers can call, pretending to either be from a law enforcement agency, a bank representative, or someone who claims that the call receiver has won an award and would need to perform specific steps to obtain it.

The second type of people who might be on the other side of an unknown number is marketers. Several people are often placed in an office, with their only work being to advertise their product or service. Thousands of calls are made from these offices every day, and some might even receive the same call more than a single time.

A friend or relative with a new number
Although unlikely, the call from an unknown number can also be from a close person. This is precisely why one cannot wholly ignore an anonymous call.
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Part 2: NumLooker – The Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Tool
Whenever there’s a search for the best phone lookup services, Numlooker has a habit of being a part of the list. It openly declares that most of its data comes from publicly available information. However, when searching for said data using the service, the data is more easily obtained and in a much more organized manner.

Searching for the information is also simple enough, as there’s a search bar presented to the user as soon as the site loads, making the UI as friendly as possible. The time it takes can range from something between 2-5 minutes, depending on the amount of information available on a certain number.

2.1 The Step-by-step Guide to Use NumLooker
The user only has to follow the steps listed below to learn how to use NumLooker to resolve the “whose number is this calling me” issue:

Step 1: Open NumLooker from any modern web browser.
Step 2: Enter the unknown caller’s phone number, and hit the Search button.
Step 3: The interface will display the results. See all the details in a report.

NumLooker Official Website:

2.2 What Others Can I Get from NumLooker?
NumLooker has a list of benefits the users can use when searching for an answer to the question, “Whose phone number is this?” These features will allow keeping one safe and knowing who’s behind the annoying calls.

Thorough Background Check
If one has access to basic information on the target user, such as their name, they can easily perform a background check using NumLooker. This handy feature will reveal details, like the target person’s estimated income, property ownership, and interests.

Address lookup
NumLooker also lets one find vital information on a person by just providing the address they are residing in. Using this function, the client would be able to check their past addresses, co-residents, and every basic contact information.

Reverse Email Search
Suppose one only has the other person’s email address, and they want to know more about them. In that case, NumLooker’s email lookup features come in handy. Through it, they can learn all about the target person’s social media presence, age, known relatives, and more.

Part 3: Why Should I Find Out Who’s Calling Me from This Number?
Although it’s unrealistic to expect to have the number saved of all the people one knows, which leads to a high probability of having a known person behind an unknown call. This is why one cannot completely disregard an anonymous call, as there might be a chance the person who called was a close one trying to make contact.

Then there are situations where the person on the other side is a clever and successful scammer. Scammers have various ways through which they trick people and although the success rate of these scammers is not so high, once they do trap a person, the losses incurred are significant.

So to solve this problem, one must look up the scammer’s phone number and know where the call came from, and reverse phone lookups are used to accomplish that task.

Part 4: How to Do After Knowing Who Called Me from This Phone Number?
Once the user knows who’s been calling from an unknown number, they’ll have all the freedom to ignore anyone. Now it’s easy with reverse phone lookup. But with these easy-to-use tools, ignoring insurance companies, call centers, and car dealers is now a piece of cake.

Besides, one can also block annoying numbers or spam calls to get peace of mind. If the user wants to find their long-lost friend or assess their employee, it can also be possible with such phone lookup services.

The tool allows you to receive emergency calls immediately, such as calls from the hospital or a particular governmental department that is necessary to be returned. After knowing who has been calling you, it gets easy to decide whether or not you should return the call.

Part 5: 3 Other Sites to Find Out Who Called Me
The internet is crowded with many tools and services that can quickly answer the question of who’s calling me through number ID or other databases. However, a few of them are reliable and accurate enough, which are listed as follows:

5.1 PeopleFinders
PeopleFinders is famous for its authentic sources and database. Although the search engine works swiftly, every app has its limitations, and for PeopleFinders, it’s the region. The service is only accessible in the US, providing you with a complete directory that has been continuously updated with improved data from legal records and public sources
The best thing about PeopleFinders is that the results users get from the free version are as reliable as the premium package. You can get every bit of information about a person through this service, which can be used through websites and Android & iOS applications.

5.2 Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate is an ideal service for people who are stuck in the constant dilemma of who is calling me from this number. It is one of those trustworthy sites with a quick and easy-to-use interface that can search any phone number without hassle or complications.

Besides, the users get proper guidelines before using the information provided by the application as every data is extracted from public records and legal sources.
Through Instant Checkmate, every sort of data from criminal records to relationship backgrounds can easily be retrieved.

5.3 TruthFinder
Another popular reverse lookup platform is TruthFinder, through which even complex background checks can be performed in under some minutes. The user interface is smooth to use, providing proper and legitimate information.
The user can get the name and details of the person who has been calling and social media accounts and photos of that person. TruthFinder also has a proper application just for mobile, allowing you to use it whenever you want.

Nowadays, people are busy with their work and personal life. Nobody has the time to answer unnecessary calls. That’s why number lookup services allow the user to know the details about the person who’s calling so that they can choose to return the call or ignore it. These services have an easy-to-use interface so that you can unlock any unknown caller’s identity without missing out on important stuff.