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Why Nigerians will return PDP in 2023, by Wike

By Kehinde Olatunji
08 February 2021   |   3:36 am
Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has lamented insecurity in the country, declaring that Nigerians will vote out the administration of All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2023...


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has lamented insecurity in the country, declaring that Nigerians will vote out the administration of All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2023.

He said Nigerians had realised that they made a mistake by voting APC into power in 2015 and were ready to correct the mistake by returning Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to power in 2023.

The Rivers governor spoke in Yola, Adamawa State capital, where he inspected an overhead bridge and an underground subway being constructed by PDP administration led by Governor Ahmadu Fintiri.

Wike said: “Governor Fintiri has been to my state to inspect and open some projects. And for us as a tradition, when someone has honoured you, you also have to come back and say thank you and use that opportunity to see what he is also doing for his people, Adamawa people.

“I can tell you, I am in shock and overwhelmed with what I have seen. I was asking him about where he got the money from. The kind of construction is as if the current state of Nigeria’s economy does not affect Adamawa State. That’s what we have always said, whatever opportunity you have, try to make the people happy by providing for them the basic infrastructure.

“The kind of construction that I am seeing here is not what somebody will say he has tried, trying is an understatement, he has done very well. And you can see this majorly in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) states. Anybody can be angry, it doesn’t matter, the truth must be told at all times, what the eyes can see is what the mouth will speak. Those who are angry that we are showing people what we are doing should show people what they are also doing.

“PDP governors are doing well. See the kind of gigantic flyover, I’m sure that in all the northeastern states, this is the first flyover. I commend my brother, he shouldn’t relent in his effort. I thank the commissioner for works and all the cabinet members for the support that they are giving you. Don’t be distracted or be worried about what people will say, continue to focus on infrastructure development because that is what can advance the economy of Adamawa State.”

On the ability of PDP to capture the presidency in 2023, the Rivers governor said: “The first thing is: are Nigerians happy? The answer is no. If they are not happy, what is the result? Obviously, Nigerians will not want All Progressives Congress (APC) government to govern them in 2023.

“With this kind of performance, I don’t see why PDP will not win in 2023. I believe that Nigerians, by now, know that they made a mistake and they want to correct the mistake by voting for PDP and not APC in 2023.

“When APC came in 2015, they said corruption would be fought, the issue of accountability would be focused. Now, Transparency International (TI), not the PDP, came out to say the situation of corruption was the worst that they have ever seen. It was not PDP that said this. The world has spoken that this government has not done anything in terms of corruption and transparency.

“Today, if I want to leave PDP and go to APC, I am no longer corrupt, but the moment I remain in PDP, I am corrupt. So, corruption is based on the party you belong to. That is APC’s definition of corruption and that is why everybody is disappointed.

“Not only corruption, but this country also has never been divided the way it has been divided now under APC. This country has never been insecure like this before. That is why I say if you have an old man who tells lies at home and he has children, they will ask: daddy are you saying Nigeria is safer than it used to be? With kidnapping, banditry and insurgency all over the place, have we had it like this before?

“The media have a role to play. You (media) said Nigeria would come down under former President Goodluck Jonathan, but you don’t say that anymore. We want you to say it the way you said it under Jonathan.”

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