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Truths that will save your heirs

By Bayo Ogunmupe
20 May 2017   |   3:45 am
As parents, often we feel concerned about our ward's wellbeing and education. In fact, from research, we have discovered that the wellbeing and education of wards as heirs are more important to parents than anything else.


Owning to our growing knowledge of nutrition, children grow up very fast nowadays. Before you know it, they are out there in the real world and you are left hoping you have done enough for their workaday encounters.

As parents, often we feel concerned about our ward’s wellbeing and education. In fact, from research, we have discovered that the wellbeing and education of wards as heirs are more important to parents than anything else.

With heirs running all over the place asking questions about everything under the sun, we are compelled to share so many truths for the wellbeing of the future generation of Nigerians.

Thus, here are some useful canons that can transform the world of the coming generation. One, learning how to think is more important than learning what to think. Your future is determined by the decisions you take in the present. Which is why you must take wise decisions.

Your present situation in life was determined by your past decisions, so it is important to learn how to think. Two, life is not a bed of roses, but you get stronger as you play along. Allow yourself and heirs the freedom to experience things on their own terms. Let heirs learn from life firsthand. Journeying through life on your feet is a learning process. You become stronger and more confident learning from experience.

Three, a major disappointment in life results from misplaced priorities and expectations. Our expectations balloon with each passing day. Approach life with a positive mental attitude.

Four, worry is an enemy of personal growth. It steals your joy and keeps you busy doing absolutely nothing. With worry, you use your imagination wrongly by thinking of the evil that may befall you, whereas what you imagine becomes your reality. Use your imagination to express the way you wish to be.

Five, being grateful makes you happier and healthier. A lifelong pursuit of happiness means finding meaning in life. Having a clear-cut goal enables you to keep track of your life and add meaning to it.

The pursuit of happiness is far more elusive if it is not based on any particular circumstance or goal. What you can really pursue is meaning; living a meaningful life.

Six, the right journey is in the destination. The most beneficial experience is not in actually achieving what you want, but in seeking it. It is the journey towards your goal that matters, because goals move forward with you as you chase them.

An example of a moving goal is the pursuit of the Nobel Prize, which is awarded yearly. It is the world’s greatest award and it determines how creative a people are.

Nigeria, with a population of 180 million, has one Nobel Laureate, compared to Israel, which has 8.3 million people and with nine Laureates.

From this comparison, you can affirm that Nigerians are not as creative as they believe they are. That is why we are in the governance mess that we are. As you pursue such goals, your life becomes more meaningful and you learn along the way. Within such a journey, passions are realised, love is found and strength and sagacity are gained. You cannot gain any of that without firsthand living. Which is why the right journey is in the destination.

Finally, the most effective road to victory is to embrace what you want. Never think of what you do not want. By focusing on what you want, you abandon the negative.

Action speaks louder than words. Children are never good at listening to their parents, but they never fail to imitate them. Let your heirs watch you set good examples in all that you do. Then reinforce actions with verbal guidance.

Ultimately, what you want in life comes from what you really do in life.

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