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2019: Who is next in line to the presidential throne?


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Sir: Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is a lucky man indeed.

Although not an outstanding administrator himself, when he speaks people listen, and even though he is not popular within the country and his geographical region, he understands establishment politics and his international clout is next to none.

Let’s see who he shops for to replace President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 with his Third Force. From my little knowledge of Nigeria’s political scene all of the persons that Obasanjo canvassed for performed woefully in office.


Might this be another? President Shehu Shagari wasn’t an outstanding president. It was to him that Obasanjo deferred to in 1979.

Umaru Musa Yar Adua died in office and was chosen to lead by Obasnajo despite his health challenge. No thanks to Goodluck Jonathan, another of his prot, we are here today. I need not expound on that.
Are there only a handful of conviction politicians in Nigeria?

Those who must rise with the occasion and steer our polity to life?

Could it be that there is no opposition in Nigeria ad many bunglers have bungled the opportunity to provide real opposition in deed?  

I wonder how a nation can promote the ethos of nationalism in the minds of citizens without a credible opposition.

This skew-whiff situation with the absence of many grandees to unite us with sets of dazzling ideological ideas is partly responsible for why we are more apart than we were before this fourth republic.

Buhari will have no choice but to concede defeat if his party loses the 2019 general elections.


But will he lose, and who in the opposition can provide a breath of real fresh air to upstage him?

We are watching to see if former president Obasanjo and members of his force can find leaders with the ability to inspire pride and love about their party and country, and to make citizens strive for nationalism.

We also hope that we wouldn’t find ourselves in democratic mire with those he elects to support like we did with the Shagari, Yar’Adua, Goodluck Jonathan’s administrations and with PDP for 16 years and that Nigeria’s political future will be guided properly.

It is anticipated, that the force contemplated as an opposition with other social groups all around in the country will push for accountable governance from the APC – and not to settle to win election for its sake.

Leaders of the opposition, other than, hectoring the APC, haven’t shown that they are strong, clear and decisive in chasing party policies.

It is incumbent to recruit men with unimpeachable character to lead the opposition, to travel the Nigerian route with a clear purpose to promote party interests away from the current showboating machination.

They must work with a seriousness of purpose, to understand the masses, and build strong relationship with them for the future.

But I don’t see how the present campaigners can connect with the landless poor, since they are very rich politicians.

Rich people from research are hardly empathetic to the plight of the poor.

Simon Abah. 

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