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2019: Word to Nigerian youths


The rescheduled presidential and national assembly elections are here with us, and I feel compelled once more to offer a word of caution to Nigerians, especially, the youths, as I did four years ago with an article entitled, “Nigerian Youth Shine Your Eyes”. Indeed, these are desperate times. Activities in the thick bushes are on the increase. Reports of men, women, youths and children disappearing with alarming regularity are bloodcurdling and causing many hearts to fail. Kidnappers have become more creative and are spreading their dragnets. The amount of blood being wasted in this country daily should even be alarming to the blood-spillers themselves, if they could just pause awhile to ponder their damnable exploits. We are told through the confessions of apprehended culprits and testimonies of lucky survivors that all these atrocities are sometimes some of the various conditions desperadoes are asked to fulfill if they must realize their egregious desires for fame, wealth and power. So, driven by the desperation to realize their hideous goals, they throw caution to the wind and undertake whatever evil they are asked to execute.

They are not deterred by the dire consequences that might follow if they are caught. In Nigeria, impunity often walks on all four, and people are often emboldened to indulge in whatever evil that catches their fancy, because, instances where unwholesome actions are met with commensurate consequences are often very rare. What should one expect in a country where corrupt leaders are showcased as saints, and even those who qualify to be classified as terrorists are enjoying high class protection and privileges? I grew up with a firm belief that adults don’t lie. This was reinforced by the way children were sternly rebuked and punished for lying, mostly, in attempts to exonerate themselves when they had done something bad. Sadly, today, I now know better as I see most adults, even ‘big’ ones, flagrantly lying, thereby, teaching young people never to admit their errors and faults just to remain ‘relevant’. What a legacy being passed down?


At our tender ages, we saw men and women who regarded old age as a period of making amends, pursuing peace, uniting communities and mentoring young adults to become good leaders. They knew that there was the Great Beyond to prepare for and went ahead doing so. Today, what we have is an aberration. Old men, often referred to as ‘elder statesmen’ and ‘honourable’ men engage in wars, abusing and rubbishing themselves in the name of politics, because wealth, power and fame have blinded the eyes of many to the fact they are, indeed, old and should take time to prepare for life beyond here, while at the same time helping to create an atmosphere conducive for sustaining their good works at the hands of the next generation. Unfortunately, it looks like they are not desirous of having successors. When and where they even allow that, they would insist on those successors having them as god-fathers, so, they could remote-control them from the comfort of their homes. It would seem that they have meanwhile escaped the consequences of their evils. But our discourse today ought to be food for thought for today’s youths. I once read a true story about a group of people who due to envy and wickedness requested the death of an innocent man. When asked if they understood the consequence of their choice, they retorted: “let his blood be upon us and upon our children”. They roped in their innocent children including unborn ones into the recompense of their actions. What an evil!

Another man (in the Scriptures) on whom judgment was pronounced due to his evil actions rejoiced when he discovered that its implementation will not happen in his lifetime, but on the next generation who were not even the direct offenders. How heartless!

The above is not different from what we see today. Many parents and leaders have mortgaged the lives of their children and other citizens in order to actualize their ungodly cravings; but then shouldn’t young men and women be wise and secure their own future? If these rulers do not care, should the youth not also care? The politicians are pretending not to see any consequence looming but how long would their pretence last?

Our youths must realize that evil can never go unpunished no matter how long ago it was perpetrated. Passage of time can never cancel the rewards for evil because justice must prevail. The consequences of the evils and corrupt activities of several politicians and those they use to execute them are gathering momentum in the invisible bottles hanging on their necks. Soon those bottles would become full and explode. Like suicide bombers, these men and women would not die alone. Those who align with them will share in their tragedy. I therefore counsel our youths to not be partakers of other men’s evil. 2019 elections are coming close to the zero hour. The elections managers (INEC), observers, political parties, their candidates and the electorates have their eyes fixed on the clock. Diverse baits in the form of contaminated gifts, money for your votes and vain promises have been thrown out there: will you be among those who would swallow the bait? Those are the ‘fermented wine’ meant to intoxicate you and blur your vision and keep you under a short moment of pleasure and satisfaction only for you to wake up and realise yourself when the deed has already been done and the wrong people are put in positions of power to inflict sorrows and pain on the populace for another four years. Don’t be instrumental to this!

There are calls on Nigerians especially the youths to shun violence, vote-selling and all forms of electoral malpractices this period. Parents should caution their children and keep them in check and safe. Many unimaginable things are going on behind the scenes; it is only the foolish that will accept to be deceived. You may have been deceived four years ago, but you can choose not to be this time. 2019 elections constitute a wonderful period to secure your future and buy your freedom and that of your generation. Though the ‘bomb’ prepared from the evils of wicked politicians is waiting to explode, you have the power to detonate it. The power is your PVC!  Keep all the rules pertaining to the election. Don’t be a partaker in other men’s evil. If you will not give out your ATM pin, then you should not sell your conscience and your vote; rather go out and vote WISELY. Young men, young women, pursue the peace of Nigeria where you live and you will have peace. Take note that if men have decided to do what they please, God will also do what pleases Him.

So, let your election slogan be: ‘2019 Elections: Do Not Be a Partaker of Other Men’s Evil.’

God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerian Youths.
•Ejinkeonye, an IT personnel, wrote from Lagos

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