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A tortoise in the political space


Obasanjo-1Sir: My unsuspecting fellow Nigerians will soon read another epic long letter of Obasanjo to President Muhammadu Buhari. He will elucidate in detail Buhari’s shortcomings in their imminent epistle. His impending letter will herald a new end to a sustained beginning in his grandstanding criticisms for his political expediency.

The good thing is that some of us know him as a man who believes only in himself as Obasanjo. He usually writes his historic missive when Nigerians are in deep political slumber. Obasanjo’s constant shuttling between base and Aso Rock is an expedition to renew what he knows how to do best. His recent visit was very instructive and un-palliative. President Buhari is also not oblivious of Baba Iyabo’s political gymnastics. Obasanjo’s friends of friends are his friends’ enemies!

No sensible “change agent” had trust in Obasanjo’s political Greek gift in the last general election. This writer warned his social media friends and followers then that they should beware of the man’s political hanky-panky. Obasanjo is a friend of friends you will not want to make as friend(s).

Our man knows the political neophytes amongst the Nigerian populace. When the ovation is loudest, that is when Baba comes out of his cocoon and regales us with his grotesque political grandstanding and opportunism.

These unsuspected neophytes among us constantly play into his political shenanigans. Obasanjo is an Ijapa Oko Yannibo (Tortoise, the Yannibo’s suitor) who will prompt you to dance in his front at your own existential peril. Whenever Obasanjo saunters politically, he is calculative.

Baba Iyabo seems a microcosm and epitome of all that is wrong with the Nigerian state. A political conniver who sees politics as a do or die affair.

Here was a man who almost paid the supreme price under the evil Abacha, but has the man learned any lesson? The answer is grossly revealing and unquestionable.

But providentially, he remains the luckiest Nigerian dead or alive!

He also supposedly epitomises African political reconnaissance. He has been a circumstantial individual with great opportunities to influence positive changes in Africa, but his story has been admixture of success and failure of leadership. Corruption soared to a prime requisite during his administration and he has been a friend to African dictators. Africa is currently under siege with leadership problems. The continent has been a menace to itself through its leaders. It will take providence and political mutation or revolution to change the current African political conundrums.

Yahaya Balogun,
Arizona, USA

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