Saturday, 1st October 2022
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Andy Uba’s governorship quest: Desire or destiny?

John Lennon, the famous British singer, of The Beatles fame, must have foreseen the future when many years ago, he penned down the immutable lines: “There’s nowhere you can be

Andy Uba

Sir: John Lennon, the famous British singer, of the Beatles fame, must have foreseen the future when many years ago, he penned down the immutable lines: “There’s nowhere you can be, that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” These lines succinctly speak true of the contemporary times, especially as it relates to the November 6, 2021, Anambra State governorship election.

As the day draws near, one person for whom the above prophecy profoundly speaks about is the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba.

Indeed, many observers may be wont to describe the coming election as the ‘battle of titans’, on account of the diverse criteria already set out to adjudge the candidates and their political parties.

The interest in the coming election is understandably widespread, not only because Anambra State, geographically, is the gateway to Igboland, but also given the realisation that politically and otherwise, the state has somewhat become the barometer with which the rest of the country gauge trends and developments among the Igbo.

Fondly referred to as ‘The Light of the Nation’, Anambra is truly blessed in every sense of the word.

Rich in culture, fertile for agriculture, and populated with people of great ingenuity in commerce, literature, science, sports, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Anambra metaphorically shines the light into the Igbo heartland. The galaxy of personalities that championed the independence of Nigeria further proves this. In fact, from the pre-Independence era to the flying of Nigeria’s flag independence in 1960, for example, most of the personalities that called the shots from the East were from the present Anambra State. 

Away from core politics, Anambrarians have also excelled in arts and literature. Anambra has over time, made Igboland and Nigeria proud by the uncommon exhibition of excellence in leadership. 

Anambra’s forthcoming governorship election is essentially about whether the people desire a reconnect with the Centre, as represented by the APC, or are destined to remain in political isolationism, as foisted by the receding All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

Who then does the bill fit to deliver meaningful leadership that will prioritize the good and overall interest of the people devoid of razzmatazz, rhetorics, and political blackmail?

Fellow Anambrarians, we must get it right by choosing right this time. We must not bat an eyelid in choosing a candidate that will embrace the whole of Anambra as a primary constituency and propagate equity through government policy and development strides across the state.

A business hub, Anambra will not have a meaningful development, and businesses will not thrive if the current floundering security arrangement in the state is allowed to subsist. Do we deserve more than the current government has offered? Yes. Do we have the power to make amends? Yes. 

Victor Afam Ogene, a former newsmagazine Editor, represented Ogbaru Federal Constituency (2011-2015), at the House of Representatives.