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APC caucus meeting: The defeatist faces of a desperate party


The APC Caucus Meeting at the party’s headquarters in Abuja on 18th Feb 2019.<br />PHOTO: Bayo Omoboriowo

The APC caucus meeting which was partly aired on Channels Television has since shown the desperation of the ruling APC to continue in leadership positions, even when it is clear that the party has run out of favour with Nigerians.

It must be recalled that the much touted 2019 polls were postponed in the morning of February 16th, 2019, due to failure in election logistics.

However, this did not go down well with the leadership of the APC, who always wanted the Osun model of staggering elections so as to make rigging easier.


Looking at the countenance of the VP; Osibanjo, and the campaign DG, Rotimi Amaechi, it is clear that they have put on their defeatist face, and ready for the worse. What is worse? A PDP victory.

Not only that, but all of their dollar racketeering and fuel subsidy fraud will be in the open. They are afraid.

They are jittery and they want to go extreme measures to protect their names and faux integrity. Is that it?

A little bit of history into rigging since 2015, shows that one can only rig when elections are isolated and flooded with 30,000 to 50,000 policemen per state, to demobilize and intimidate opposition voters.

This played out in Osun State, with a top APC thug; MC Oluomo, making a video about it. Having failed on the bid to stagger the elections, the APC has resorted to maligning the INEC chairman who did not do their bidding.


However, the international community is strong on the election and would not allow the 200m population country to be thrown into an upheaval that will see a massive immigration crisis in the world again.

The world is yet to grapple with the immigration crisis from the Middle East, and a war in a country with 200m people is not what the world wants. That is why international interest is high in the country, with even the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, calling Atiku Abubakar at the eve of elections, to assure him of a free and fair election.

Why can’t they allow Nigerians kick them out peacefully? Must we keep being at the precipice of war, every four years? Yes they do not have the numbers and added with the angst in the street for them, in cancelling the election, they will even lose more followers.


Is that why they are looking defeated? To the APC, why don’t you do the honourable thing and conduct a free and fair election and accept the outcome? Why is the APC trying so hard to set a basis for staggering, scuttling and rigging this election?

Opeoluwa Abiodun is a Lagos-based political analyst who understands that elections are won by deals, concessions and agreements made, deep into the night.


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