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Arguing with Zombies!


Sir: Arguing with Zombies book is a masterpiece! I have read this vintage bestselling book. It’s an impending must-read book for everyone. Arguing with Zombies is a book from a winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Paul Krugman. I have absolutely no reason to doubt the efficacy of the book in nourishing fertile minds and rewiring infertile minds in Trumpland, and to sync their cognition with reality and facts—- not alternative facts. Chapter 16 is specially recommended for a swift peruse as moral prescription for the trumpeted trumpists. Arguing with Zombies must also be read by all concerned bibliophiles, fertile and small minds altogether. Arguing with Zombies is a book specifically being recommended for morons, anti-love people, anti-humanism, anti-moral and the denials of every rational good thing of life. I have listed the following people and faithful and also recommend and admonish them to read the ace book:


1. Climate change denials.
2. Conspiracy theorists.
3. Religious bigots and fundamentalists.
3. Idiotic dogmatists.
4. Haters of love.
5. Economic saboteurs.
6. Rogue politicians. 
7. Believers of privileges and entitlements.
8. Socialists and capitalists.
9. People in the bondage of their political and religious masters.
10. The glorified fools and blissfully ignorant and those who are always at the thin edge of the wedge.

The last time I checked the definition of Fox in the dictionary, I realise that the Fox News station perfectly fits its foxy definition. The conservative Fox News propaganda and denial of COVID-19 are part of the agents of the multiplier effects and causation of more than 5,874,146 million lives infested and more than 180,604 lives lost to coronavirus so far in the United States as of today. It’s not a JOKE, folks! It is real! Coronavirus is not a conspiracy theory. It’s not a Democrats or Republican brouhaha, it’s an existential threat to the lives of everyone of us. If you don’t care for your own life, please, care for other people’s lives. The U.S. president who initially misled his flock is fixated at a juvenile age and sinking in reelection bid! He has misled his throng of benign supporters by originally concocted that coronavirus was a hoax.

The reality is a fox(ing) on the traffickers of real conspiracy theories, and those who are making everyone scampering for answers to the menace of COVID-19! It’s a fruitless effort to argue with midget minds of those who are already subsumed in blissful ignorance and feast on conspiracy theories. You can’t expect to get from a man what he doesn’t possess neither can you give advice to a person who doesn’t have the capacity to fathom the imports of your advice.


Coronavirus doesn’t recognise your party affiliation, beliefs, sexual orientation, colour, race, gender, status, affluence or influence in society. When you contract the virus, the dire consequences could be collective morbidity for everyone. We must take into cognizant the lives of those who are falling victims with preexisting conditions or serious medical problems. They are the most vulnerable! Coronavirus is a pandemic that needs urgent and smart solutions to its danger and imminent escalation.

America must not vote for more of the same. The guy at the helm of affairs is abysmally incompetent to rule a diverse nation like the United States. He has failed all of us. In reality, POTUS is NOW in a state of realism. He sees the no-nonsense and hydra-headed power of coronavirus. Now that he has realised the futility of his sad “reality show” at the presidency, we must put tribal politics and ideology aside before coronavirus becomes a medical tsunami that may consume the rest of the world. We must join hands with the states and other stakeholders; jettison party tussle and save vulnerable lives in the United States and around the world.
Yahaya Balogun wrote from Arizona, United States.


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