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Between wealth, power and privilege – Part 2


privilege_and_powerAs a child, from the age of seven, Darlington had become notorious in Mushin, Lagos. He was the head of many Mushin notorious criminal gangs.

When he travelled abroad for more studies, he ended up becoming a women serial killer. He took pleasure in killing women, all because he believed he was raised by a bad mother.As a child, he developed hatred for women and only derived pleasure in killing them.

“I ended up in prison outside Nigeria.I was what you called an international hired assassin, a pimp and a gigolo.My incarceration started at the age of three in Mushin area. As a child I would always prefer to go out and get lost, only to be found in the police cells. I found it more comfortable than staying at home.


Then at the age of seven I was initiated into the world of crime. It was in the days of Omo Pupa and Mighty Joe who ruled Mushin. They were all notorious criminals and I was their errand boy. I would always deliver their hemp.

From that age I started doing things my age mates could not do. I can steal a whole stock of anything alone and resell it to the owner. I can enter any compound and brutalise the person. I specialised in brutalising women, because I hated them. It was my hatred for my mother that made me to hate women. As time went by, I travelled abroad. Then I went into hooliganism full time, and then I became a serial killer of women. As I told you before, it was for the hatred I had for my mother, I don’t know why she hated me first, so I hated her for no reason also,” he said.

On the long run, Darlington was caught and was sentenced to death. Miraculously, he was spared and he gave his life to Jesus Christ. He promised never to go back into crime, but to serve God through prison evangelism till he dies. Darlington has a Ph.D in criminology and four Master’s degrees, but he is not thinking of using them to earn himself a living.

“I didn’t repent here in Nigeria; I repented when I was to be hanged. I was to be condemned to death. I was granted bail. From that I got my freedom. I made a covenant with God that I was going to serve Him with all I have if He would let me go. I told God that I will preach in the prison all my life and I will not work with my certificates. I have six certificates which include a Ph.D in criminology and four Master’s and one B.SC.”

It was during his ministration in Nigerian prisons that the unusual happened. As at this time, his hatred for women had vanished when he met his heartthrob. The fear of the hangman had melted his hardened mind and he searched for love in usual places. He could not find love without forgiving his mother.

“I met my wife when I kept my vow that I would be preaching in the prisons. As I was preaching in all the prisons in Lagos, I told God that I wanted to get married and He should show me my wife. Then the Holy Ghost told me that my wife was in the prison. I questioned it. I asked how I was going to marry a prisoner. Then I was told that I was to marry Funmilayo Smith,” he said.

As a retired dancer and male sex hawker, Darlington had seen many women and he had specific features he wanted from his future wife; Funmilayo did not just fit the description.


“I had been seeing her. She had been coming for counselling but, I was never attracted to her. She was fine, but not my taste. Remember I was a star before, which meant that I have seen beautiful ladies. I never thought I was going to marry her. I was just a messenger to her mother who was then in the military. I was aghast but I had to obey God.

Then she was also placed on bail, then I traced her to her house and told her that the Lord wanted her to be my wife. She tried to dissuade me with her situation that she might be going to jail and be convicted. I accepted what her fate might be and she agreed. Then in 1989 we got married.”

On Funmilayo’s part, the former beauty queen believes she is not different from her sweetheart. She was sent to prison after being charged to court for stealing and illegal possessions. She believes that their meeting and relationship have been designed by God and there is nothing she is ashamed of. “I was not different from him. I was a duplicate of him. I was a professional call girl. I have a tremendous, unusual love for him. I was charged for theft and other things, but I was in remand more than the stipulated period,” she said.

The marriage has not been all sweet and honey, it has experienced some hindrances. Apart from the fact that while they got married, Funmilayo was still standing trial, while on bail, she was almost implicated in another crime perpetrated by her former group.


“She was rearrested for another crime her former group committed in which she was not involved. It was at this period that we had our first twins. It was later that her case was settled and the court said that she had been freed,” Darlington disclosed.

The marriage also suffered family resistance. Funmilayo’s mother did not accept the marriage, she did all she could to frustrate the union.“There was a time we were separated. My mother in-law did not know why her daughter would decide to marry me. She was always interfering in my marriage. People predicted that we are not going to last long, but now we are 28 years in the union. I love Funmi so much, we are inseparable,” he said.

Now both of them are strong in the Lord and in the ministry, preaching in the prison.Darling was, however, grateful to the Lord that despite their past, none of his children took to their criminal ways.

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