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Beyond earthly consequences of abortion

By AbduRafiu
21 July 2022   |   3:40 am
The controversy in the United States over women’s right to terminate a pregnancy was given fresh impetus last Friday when her House of Representatives sought to overturn the Supreme Court ruling on the subject last month.

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The controversy in the United States over women’s right to terminate a pregnancy was given fresh impetus last Friday when her House of Representatives sought to overturn the Supreme Court ruling on the subject last month. That court had spiked its decision of 50 years under which expectant mothers could shelter to do away with their pregnancies if they so wished. The conflict is as old as perhaps the emergence of man, but sharpened and shot sky-high by the modern man after the scale dropped from his eyes to recognise the inherent and inalienable rights of freedom of decision. As I did state in my earlier intervention, ammunition in the armoury of abortion seekers and campaigners is a woman’s right to do whatever she likes with her body. It is the salvo from girls; it is a battle over which multitudes of women would not yield ground. The same old hat and the same beaten track should any dissenting voice ring out. Three weeks ago, the Supreme Court reversed its 1973 decision which gave women who might wish for it lawful access cover. The sheltered access flowed from the pronouncement on Roe v. Wade but the opportunity for overturning came in the matter between Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organisation. This is to say, the pro-life campaigners were never in the mood to surrender.

The House of Representatives has passed the bill to protect access to abortion and with nation-wide application. According to the House, the bill is intended to preserve protections in Roe v. Wade. In the words of the sponsor, according to an online report, “The Women’s Health Protection Act is the bill that will protect the right to access abortion after the tragic fall of Roe v. Wade. It ensures in federal law the right to abortion care for every woman in every state and ensures states may not erode that right. You will hear Republicans say our bill goes too far, but that’s simply not true. Our bill preserves the protections of Roe that we’ve lived with for 50 years, affirmed through decades of subsequent court decisions.”

I am touched by a counter-argument made by a Republican Rep, when, according to the online report, she said the debate on abortion is “the human rights issue of our generation,” describing the Women’s Health Protection Act as extreme. She went on: “The abortion on demand until birth act has nothing to do with protecting the health of women. It has everything to do with forcing an extreme agenda on American people. Rather than prey on women’s vulnerabilities and fears and nationalise abortion for all nine months, we should be coming together to support women and their families at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.”

In the intervention two weeks ago, I argued that foetus is life and it is not a sack of tissues which are disposable at the whim of a young girl or the caprices of a tired expectant mother. I did state that since the foetus is life, getting rid of it is dastardly murder and hopes dashed, hope of the baby and nonsense is made of the elaborate work of helpers, the elemental beings involved in the elaborate activities of fashioning the astral version of what the growing body will be like, and weaving the baby’s fine threads of fate connected with the soul, its balance sheet showing credit and debit. In doing so there is no possibility of an error. They work in perfection and in any case, it is the soul itself that supplies the threads which it has gathered in its wanderings. It is after they fashion the prototype body that the fertilised egg begins to split, forming tissues, organs, systems, and connecting channel between the soul and the chosen prospective mother, and so on. In other words bringing a unilateral end to these elaborate activities and processes will hurt many helpers and people in the chain.

A child whose hope nourished for hundreds of years, has been dashed may seek revenge if it is not mature and it is unforgiving. It may block the man or the woman’s chances or a couple’s at childbearing, to deny them of the prized joy of having and carrying babies in their arms. It may even in that state of immaturity decide to waste its own time by awaiting them in the beyond to settle scores. Other souls will avoid the woman each time she is expectant as they never know what she may be up to, for she may decide to terminate the pregnancy at any time. They keep safely away, which unknown to many, could be a cause of infertility, primary or secondary. The cases of men who encourage or push women, abortion providers, doctors and nurses and all to terminate pregnancies are no better. For a doctor who has helped girls and women to abort their pregnancies, in another earth-life, he will be born in communities where having hordes of children is celebrated and specially capped with an award of medals. In such a community not having children raises eyebrow, and is ridiculed, considered as an abomination. Such a man or doctor will have irresistibly attracted to himself only a long queue of ladies who in previous earth-lives had terminated pregnancies. He will not have a stable marriage nor will the ladies have. They will hop from one home to another in search of babies and also because they are unable to bear gossips in the neighbourhood, wrinkling of faces and disapproving stares. Each of the marriages the abortion provider may contract will crash on account of childlessness. Even if he flees from the community, the threads of fate will go with him; he cannot run away from consequences of his actions. In the end, out of extreme desperation, he may commit suicide which makes matters worse for him as suicide is a separate crime altogether. Women have been known to steal babies from their cots in hospitals or commit suicide, too.

A lady who aborts her pregnancy has no doubt also annulled the possibility of the redemption of her karma through the genuine love, understanding, care and worries, sickness and anxieties and joys and happiness which the upbringing of a child entails. What with the shinning eyes of the baby. What with the delightful cries of the baby in a stranger’s arms but a joy and pride to a mother. With such care and love, and noble heart spiritual progress is made. Abortion is certainly not a case of loving one’s neighbour as oneself, in the chain of events it has the possibility to unleash. The unborn child in the beyond hovering over its prospective mother for incarnation is a neighbour. This, however, is still an understatement of the poison this even spreads in the Beyond. Can the nature beings who have laboured to fashion a human body no man can ever make be happy, for instance? What happened on Golgotha is a classical example: nature beings tending the earth made the earth to quake; those that harness the radiations of spirit motes concentrated in inapproachable bowl of heat known as the sun darkened it at high noon in anger, luminous hands tore into shreds the blind shielding the Holy of Holies indicating the termination of the Covenant the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God, sealed with mankind. And, as reported, the people, afraid fell on their faces.

What then is the direct beyond the earthly consequences of an abortion for the would-be mother? We learn in higher knowledge available on the face of the earth in these times that the ethereal body of the baby whose journey to the earth has been peremptorily terminated hangs on the ethereal neck of its unnatural mother. The said mother may not feel anything by the weight of the child’s body for as long as she lives on earth.


Occasionally if she is open, she may feel certain uneasiness every now and then in reaction to her deed, but not yet the ethereal weight. The ethereal weight is as light as a feather. The ethereal world is where the soul lives after the exit from the earth. There nothing done on earth is lost as it has every activity recorded impartially and indeed as seed tended by the nature beings. As soon as the woman lays aside her physical body at her exit, she strikes the same ethereal weight and density of the baby clinging to her neck because they are now of the same nature. That body clings to her neck everywhere and in whatever activity she may undertake in the ethereal world. This becomes a burden and an irritation she will not know how to detach from her neck. The situation can be agonising and desperate as it is an unspeakable torment and hindrance. It is now the true weight of the baby’s body is experienced. It can be likened to a baby in the physical hanging around the neck of its mother. In the ethereal the mother is not released from her agony until she comes to the recognition of her crime to the baby and mother love awakens in her and like she would do on earth, setting aside her own comfort, begins to labour, to care and worry, and faithfully look after the little baby’s child.

Because the baby will not be punished for an offence she did not commit, it is volition of the mother that has taken on form which is the exact picture which has taken on the ethereal and living form of the baby, but the baby itself is gamboling in sunning in refreshing meadoes or goggling brooks.

In the times in which we are , ignorance of what goes on in life here after, in the beyond, cannot be no longer be an excuse for mankind. There is higher knowledge now spreading on earth; there are accounts by the departed who on getting to the beyond sought to help their fellow men back here on earth. One popularised in Nigeria by Chief Obafemi Awolowo was Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody. There is More About Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borga, which is an account by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, of his experiences in the Beyond. Said a character, one of the people Monsignor encountered in the beyond: “When I lived on earth, Roger, I was a successful businessman.

Business was my preoccupation in life, for I thought of precious little else in my dealings with others, and I considered all means right provided such means were strictly legal. As long as they were that, I deemed the rest did not matter. I was ruthless therefore in gaining my ends, and coupled with a high degree of efficiency, I achieved great commercial success.” When he died, the account states: “I awoke to find myself in the dirtiest, wretchedest hovel you can imagine.” There are more accounts of unimaginable torment and for thousands of years in the dungeon of the Dark Region. What I am getting at is to draw attention to the treasure and help with which mankind is, in love, availed today.