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Buhari and Miyetti Allah are threatening South-West


Sir: Nigeria’s President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB), has taken opportunity of a meeting in London next week to go and rest and see his doctors, even though he ordered that no government official would henceforth go abroad for medical care. The injustice that removed Emeka Ihedioha as the governor of Imo State is another indictment of those who campaigned for GMB’s reelection. Those who desire a better Nigeria should steer clear of such diabolical politicians, whether they are called Jagaban or any other Fulani title. Since the emergence of GMB as Nigeria’s president in 2015, the dastardly activities of the Fulani herdsmen terrorists (aka Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria) have heightened, raping, killing and sacking agrarian communities. The preoccupation of GMB to create ranches for the herdsmen all over Nigeria was resisted by overwhelming Nigerians.

Why was it that the overwhelming Nigerians did not prevent the reelection of GMB in 2019? The number one reason is that GMB is an evil genius. He was funding supporter groups nationwide. Secondly, he was supported by the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Adams Oshiomhole, Chris Ngige, Rotimi Amaechi, Samuel Lalong, Ibikunle Amosun and others throughout Nigeria whose mothers were impregnated by the Fulani herdsmen. Thirdly, the Vice President Yemi Ọṣinbajo, shamelessly bribed many Nigerians with N10, 000, in the name of the fraud (boko haram) christened Trader Moni. The Yoruba people say, at God’s own time, embezzlers will vomit everything they ate and those who eat gbiì will die gbiì.

Supposing Nigeria has legalised rotational presidency, how will Miyetti Allah now be threatening that the southwest would not get the presidency in 2023, for prioritising security of people through the creation of Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn? Is it even right for the southwest to struggle to produce the president in 2023? That is why I am accusing Tinubu and others for supporting the reelection of GMB to perpetuate the carnage and economic destruction of Nigeria, in the unjust war against Boko Haram and protection of the Fulani herdsmen terrorists. To make matters worse, Tinubu is said to be gunning for the presidency in 2023, rather than supporting legalisation of rotational presidency. Tinubu and others will reap what they sowed in the election (in 2015) and reelection (in 2019) of GMB.

The presidency and Miyetti Allah are seriously agitated about Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn, because front or back of tiger is fire, as the Yoruba people say (apology to Abẹ́yẹfò, a Yoruba traditional singer from Isẹyin, Oyo State – Oju ẹkùn, iná ni; ẹ̀yìn ẹkùn, iná ni). Alubarka FM played the record last week. It makes no difference whether the English name for Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn is tiger or leopard. GMB is represented by Abubakar Malami, Nigeria’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, while Miyetti Allah is represented by Alhassan Saleh in the opposition to Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn. So, how will GMB ever be faithful to free and fair election? It will not happen, ordinarily.

There is urgent need for Nigeria to legalise rotational presidency for political order, discipline, peace and progress. When power rotates, there is limit to how one zone will want to oppress and suppress another zone, or, as in the case of GMB, take the whole country for granted in favour of the Fulani herdsmen terrorists. Power mongers like Abubakar Atiku and Tinubu should have a rethink. All opponents of rotational presidency should repent. Reduction of fuel price from N145 to N97 that it was under Jonathan would bring some relief to Nigerians, even though it cannot make up for heightening inflation, generally.
Prof. Ọlọjẹẹde Oyeniran Abiọje wrote from University of Ilorin. 


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