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Buhari deserves the support of all


President Muhammadu Buhari

Sir: To say that this is a trying period for Nigeria as a nation is to say the obvious. Beside the economic recession which has brought economic hardship on the citizen and the scarcity of petroleum products which has further increased the suffering of the people, sectarian crisis is pushing the nation to the precipice. Boko Haram insurgency has brought the North West of the country on her knees economically, socially and politically for years. Unfortunately, when it appears that the gallant efforts of Nigerian security forces are yielding dividends, the menace of the Fulani herdsmen, cultists and kidnappers are being grappled with in the Middle Belt, the South-South and South Eastern part of the country, with concomitant destruction of lives and properties. January 1, 2018 killings in Benue and River State had brought into fore the precarious situation the nation is security wise.

The senseless killing of about 73 Nigerians in Guma and Logo Local Governments in Benue State allegedly by Fulani herdsmen has put the fragile unity of the nation into test, as two states governors are at loggerheads over the domicility of the masterminds of the killings. Besides, there is palpable tension in Benue state where the victims of attack were given mass burial by Benue State government. As a matter of fact, nerves were strayed but kudos should be given to Benue elders for preventing reprisal attack on Hausa Fulani living in Benue State. Also, the governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom, has been pointing accusing fingers at the Federal Government and security forces for ignoring his save our soul call each time he smells danger, before the bubble burst. Ortom himself escapes mob action a few days ago from the aggrieved Benue youths who believe that he could not secure their lives.

Beyond this, is the accusation of culpability or deliberate silence on the part of President Muhammadu Buhari over the atrocities of the herdsmen. The accusers believed Buhari being a Fulani is deliberately keeping mute over the atrocities allegedly committed by his kinsmen and shedding them from punishment. One fact that is undeniable is that the President will not pray that the nation corporate existence which he used his younger days to safeguard, and which he always emphasized as being non-negotiable be endangered in his own time or that the edifice should fall on his head.

Therefore, his silence should not be interpreted as supporting the dastardly act of the herdsmen. Meanwhile, if one considers the impunity and veracity of the attack of herdsmen on the innocent citizens, one would conclude that they are immune to prosecution or have the backing of the government. Invariably, also, when one considers the swiftness with which the armed forces dealt a blow to the IPOB menace, it would seem as if the herdsmen are given free way to operate.

In view of the above, President Buhari is advised to address the security threat that herdsmen constitute to the corporate existence of this nation.Meanwhile, Nigerians are advised to be cautious in the way they respond to critical issues which can cause upheaval in the country. Nigeria has witnessed enough blood-shed. We should join hands together to save the nation.
Adewuyi Adegbite.

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