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Buhari, Nigerians and hypocrisy




Sir: There is a popularly saying that Nemo dat quod non habet meaning: “You cannot give what you do not have.”Most Nigerians are hypocrites. The most intriguing nuance about their hypothesis of hypocrisy is that, the hapless and vulnerable people are susceptible and at the mercy of these political vultures and opportunists. They are masters at deception.

Without equivocation, the deceitful ingenuity of some in the art of deception is alarming! To the worshipper of the Muse, you can’t but help your thoughtfulness and psychological mindedness; your mind is imbued with grace and goodwill, you’re always in the clime of making other people improve in their deficiencies. Most of them don’t necessarily come to social media for grandstanding but to engage in a potent discourse and intellectual conversation. The grandstanders want attention, when they don’t get it, they morph to vituperation and foul language to express their premeditated opinions.

At times, one gets frustrated by the opportunistic tendency of these people but it is imperative to note that, when you stand on the right side of history and believe in the courage of your conviction, you’re unwavering in your beliefs and creeds.

The world around looks beautiful with your beautiful mind. Why? Because you bear no grudge, but you have refused to allow the other man to die in the face of tyranny. When you behave normal in an abnormal society, you’re seen as being abnormal. But when you exhibit abnormal behaviours, you are canonised and glorified, even, if you have raped a nation blue. Nigeria is a nation full of so many contradictions.

It is academic dishonesty to adopt other people’s works of art without reference to the original owner. Buhari’s administration is also culpable for this plain embarrassment. It is untenable to even use plagiarism app, when the lifters of this touted plagiarised speech of President Buhari fully knew they lifted these passage; even, without reference to the original owner. Those involved in this act of irresponsibility should be sacked with immediate effect.

We have cautiously admonished this administration that, it has some incompetent handlers. Buhari’s adversaries are now jumping on his gaffes and shortcomings to undermine and derail his government.Certainly Buhari’s intention to revamp a comatose nation is thoroughly under attack, by some people, with self-induced problems.

Yahaya Balogun,
Arizona, USA.

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