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COZA: Illuminating the dark spots

By Joseph Arowosafe
04 August 2019   |   3:28 am
One of the major issues identified by spymasters in Africa that exacerbate security situation and slow development and peace in the continent was the unbridled...

Pastor Fatoyinbo

One of the major issues identified by spymasters in Africa that exacerbate security situation and slow development and peace in the continent was the unbridled negative use of social media. The just concluded 16th Ordinary Session of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa in a communiqué averred that negative use of social media is a threat to peace and development in Africa.

“Despite the many benefits of social media, it is increasingly being exploited by some subversive elements and negative forces to destabilise Africa countries. We, therefore, agreed that social media represents a threat and resolve to take necessary measure to check it whilst at the same time guaranteeing the citizens’ right to information,” the communiqué reads in part.

Regrettably, the host of the August gathering of spymaster, Nigeria, is suffering the brute assault of these subversive elements (social media influencers) and negative forces labouring to destabilise the country under the guise of fighting for justice. The gale of negative debate occasioned by Mrs. Bisola Dakolo’s online interview about how she was raped by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo two decades ago is a case in point.

As usual, the social media space was practically set ablaze by the wild reaction that greeted the allegation; several hash tags started trending, simultaneously calling for the head of the COZA pastor on the platter to assuage the venomous anger of the social media justice crusaders.
Thankfully, emerging facts are gradually illuminating the dark spot where those behind the allegation are taking cover under darkness.

The ongoing episode could be likened to the case of John the Baptist in the synoptic Bible history were Philip’s wife, Herodias, who desired royalty ran after Herod and had a daughter with him but not without the fierce condemnation from the Jewish prophet of righteousness, popularly Known as John the Baptist. At every opportunity, John would rebuke Herodias admonishing her to return to her husband Philip but the desperate First Lady bottled up her venom against the prophet and waited for opportunity to strike. And when the opportunity came, John the Baptist paid dearly with his life, unlike Joseph the Dreamer, who was eventually vindicated by God.

Same also will happen in this case because there is nothing hidden under the sun that shall not be revealed.

As can been seen, the iron curtains shielding the actual characters behind the rape allegation are gradually tearing apart and would soon demystify the mysteries surrounding the rape debacle.

A closer look at the dominant argument supporting over 19-year-old rape was that justice must be done no matter how long. Some others theorise that stigmatisation and trauma associated with rape may not be unconnected with her reasons to keep it to herself for that too long.

Fortunately, some investigators who choose to follow the part of caution rather than join the bandwagon of those demanding for justice in the court of social media and civil society mixed multitude without recourse to the legal processes, are beginning to point out some inconsistencies in Bisola’s narration.

For instance, the narrative of Busola that she went to help Fatoyibo’s wife take care of her new born baby after the rape episode following pressure from the wife and her sister had been controverted in certain quarters.

Fatoyinbo was said not to have any baby in 1999 as claimed by Busola in her narration. But like the spymasters observed in their communiqué, Dakolo and the army of crusaders on the social media choose to make demand for all manner of things that suit their covert objectives without recourse to the laws of the land and diligence of due process.

How would stepping down of the pastor reverse the shock she suffered, grant her justice and heal her emotional wounds? To get justice, she must stop the media campaign and follow the due process of law. Only recently, the family attempted to make the Nigeria Police, harmless invitation a topic of social media calumny.

Though the family is retracing its step on the campaign against the law enforcement agency, the Nigeria police has also explained its motive for the invitation in a statement signed by the spokesperson, DCP Frank Mba. He urged Nigerians to see the action of the police as a legitimate act in line with the constitutional mandate of the police, which among other things include the investigation of all complaints brought before it.

Dakolo had reportedly claimed that strange men had besieged his house while the truth was that the Policemen were in their uniforms with their identity cards shown to them but Timi posted on the social media that they were strange men. Those police officers did not try to whisk Timi like he claimed; they only came to serve him a letter of invitation. Pastor Biodun had been a guest of the police on two occasions that the world never knew about because of his maturity and he had nothing to hide about it.

The import of this dramatic episode should not be lost on discerning Nigerians. Why are the Dakolos afraid of honouring the police investigation? Why are they now turning the case against the police, the institution that is investigating the case? Why has the police as an institution that is doing its work become the target of blackmail? The use of social media to raise the false alarm is to derail the police in their investigation.

There are more questions the social media public and Dakolos should answer.

Why are they hell-bent on social media trial, rather than following the due process of law? Why are some pastors of his church calling and putting pressure on private investigators who are following the case to stop their investigation as confessed by some truth-seeking bloggers? Why would they prefer to sponsor protests to disrupt church services at COZA than proving their case with evidence?

It is evident that anyone who can exhibit the above grotesque mannerisms can be a willing tool in the hands of big and jealous Pentecostal pastors in Abuja and Lagos who cannot stand the ministry success of Pastor Fatoyinbo and want him cut down through such a crude internal unholy war in Pentecostal ecclesiastical realm in Nigeria.

Busola had earlier said in her interview that she had told Timi about the rape allegation before they got married. During the press conference, Timi had come out to say that he only knew about the rape last year 2018.

During a live interview by TVC, Chude that interviewed Busola Dakolo had said they wrote their petition and submitted three weeks before Busola’s interview was released, while Timi had said during the press conference that they wrote and submitted their petition a day before Busola’s interview was released. Why is it that their timelines don’t correspond?

How come letters are written to EFCC to investigate the accounts of the church months before now by a Lagos based lawyer?

How come a petition was written to the IG of Police to withdraw their men attached to the church? Are all these still on rape allegations? How come Timi and his cohorts condemned the North Central and FCT Chairmen that came to stand with the church COZA? How come PFN suddenly discovered Pastor Fatoyinbo is not a member, when Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, his wife and Co. Senior Pastor of COZA was the Vice Chairman of Abuja Chapter for years?

How come the battle became fierce after COZA had hosted Bishop T. D. Jakes of the Potters House, U. S last year because a big Pastor is claiming COZA has no right to invite him?

How did the Church Too Movement under 24 hours had same placards, same instruments that they used to carry out the protest both in COZA headquarters in Abuja and Lagos on Sunday service of June 30, 2019.

Why suddenly do some pastors in Lagos accuse Pastor Fatoyinbo of going through worldly way to get justice by reporting the matter to the Police?

Were they not part of the conspiracy against him? Do they expect Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo not to clear his name? There are more to the issue than meets the eye. We members of COZA are standing by our Pastor. COZA is marching on and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it in Jesus Name.

It is my opinion that the family of Timi Dakolo should come down from the high horse of social media to face the new reality of going through the process of redress as allowed by the extant laws. Refusing to honour police invitation would not help their cause. They have set off a wild bush fire. They must be ready to either put it out or face the inferno.

Arowosafe wrote this piece from Abuja.