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Donald Trump’s second term ambition


U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks in honor of Bay of Pigs Veterans in the East Room of the White House. Joshua Roberts/Getty Images/AFP

People who reduce the importance of the United States of America’s influence on global affairs do not know history. America’s entry into the First and Second World Wars ended these wars. America rebuilt Western Europe after the Second World War. The United States of America thereafter became the police of the world and rightly.  The U.S. did not colonise any country but shows more interest in the affairs of many countries than so-called colonial masters. She funds global issues more than any other country in the world, settles her debt at the United Nations, outspends all other countries of the world in securing the world and her presidents are seen as angel’s advocates.

Does President Donald Trump deserve a second term in office and are his activities in office fitting trajectories of the activities of great U.S. presidents? I dare to think not. He is intelligent in his own right and I do not begrudge him, but he is too rapier tongued, covers himself in glory, belittles others, his tone never loses its sourness as he vents sour grapes often, combative and not a real politician. A real politician must believe in consensus, promote a win-win strategy for all, but Trump believes in the purity of his ideas only, discounting the ideas of others and enjoys winning alone. He is not a good listener and disregards good advice from his lieutenants. The Coronavirus pandemic is a good case in point. He is a divisive figure, promoting hatred even within America and outside America instead of uniting people of different ethnic, cultural backgrounds for the good of humanity. He sullies the office of President of the United States with his tweets. A busy president shouldn’t see tweeting as a job, and even worse rush to send tawdry tweets.


Trump does so again and again and joins issues with people who condemn him at a moment’s notice. If he could behave like a Lord, not a president in his first term, I therefore wonder, what awaits the world if he wins re-election as president of the United States for the second time? The devil deserves his due; he is a patriotic president and dealt correctly with adversaries of the United States, notably China with her intellectual property theft and Russia forever so pugnacious and served them cold dishes of sanctions as appropriate. The Taliban establishment players with their backward policies listened when he spoke as did the boy-leader in North Korea. And the economy fared well under his presidency. He pursued the ideals of America even when it conflicted with the interest of some individuals and establishment players within and outside the United States.

Regardless, for me, he weakened the importance of the office of president of the United States with his poor sense of judgement. He is physically fit for the office of president but is he otherwise fit? No disrespect intended. America stood alone on so many issues (WTO and AFDB leadership elections and others) around the world without allies as she was habituated to in the past, no thanks to the arrogance of the president. He enjoyed promoting propaganda over harsh realities and I could not understand why. He continually denied Russia’s meddlesomeness in the internal security of America even when it was obvious that Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s account for his benefit.

Even though America is a country of immigrants, he judged people by their origins rather than by their deeds, it was baffling for me. And just like many African leaders, Donald Trump’s presidency did not provide the basis for benign governance.  But I love him for standing up to bad people and for calling the bluff of people who discredit America yet send their pregnant wives to America to give birth to children so they can be citizens of America that they love to hate. Hypocrites! He is the only president in America’s history to refuse bluntly to release his tax returns and he set a wrong precedent for me and the blustering IRA could do nothing against him. The bewildered silence of the IRA is upsetting. The IRA does not trust others who do not release their tax records and wields the big stick but not against the president, a crying shame.


I remember his tyrannizing tirade against African leaders and when the African Union held a meeting to consider the continent’s economic ties with the U.S., Trump quickly recanted and expressed regret, of course in a tweet.  A president must go high, not low. The Republican Party in my view made a mistake by not impeaching Donald Trump. Mike Pence would make a better president than Trump and stands a chance to win Joe Biden than Donald Trump in the U.S. election.

Having learnt the rope of governance, hands on from Barack Obama, served in the Senate for many decades, Joe Biden has the experience to become the next president of the United States of America. But anything in America is possible. Al Gore was prevented from becoming president by the Supreme Court, the election was rigged as alleged and George Bush became president, Hillary Clinton won the popular votes and not the Electoral College votes. So anything is possible in America. Donald Trump may emerge if the American people want him to, but it is important for him to put judgment and tolerance in the right perspective if he wins re-election, for an American president is the leader of the world and must meet other leaders half way if he wants a better world and for them to change. Sociopathic detachment in today’s world causing hatred, pretending to stay cool doesn’t do any leader any good. To be prejudiced shouldn’t make such a leader a bigot.
Simon Abah wrote from Abuja.


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