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Edo politics: Matters arising



Sir: Politics is a game of numbers and the beauty of it is that when two contestants go to the field and the highest numbers go to the winner; on that ground, a winner has emerged with the celebration galore on the party and the followers. However, other different competitions in the world are indeed numerous, and people do enter the competitions and in the end, a winner will also emerge and the looser will accept defeat in good faith.

Without contradictions, one should accept defeat and congratulate his or her opponent as it is done in most civilised nations of the world. As the gubernatorial election is coming up soon, we expect the candidates in different political parties to the shown sign of maturity and avoid violence for the sake of the innocent people who own the power to elect through their votes and for posterity to have a good place in history as far as politics is concerned. Be that as it may, we should not forget the true statesmanship of the former President Goodluck Jonathan, when he accepted defeat and congratulated the opponent. It was a global record that the former president set in motion and the present and the future generations will be grateful to him on this kind gesture. I believe it is not a do or die affairs because we have a life to live after politics.


However, the idea of imposing a candidate on people is not proper in my own view, I think it is immature and baseless, it ought to have been against the rule of the game. Going by this standard, let there be openness in conducting the election of this magnitude and if this election is conducted and a true winner emerges, nature will bring it cool environment with fresh air to the whole area with justice reigning supreme on the side of God Almighty and to mankind.

Also, the legacy left behind by Jonathan ought to have been emulated by politician of this time and maintained that standard of crisis-free society as I quote the golden word of the Jonathan. He said and I quote: “My ambition does not worth the blood of any Nigerian’’ reflecting my mind on the article I wrote that was published by Scroll newspaper title: “Goodluck Jonathan: Crisis managers of the century” is indeed a reflection of this article – There is a need to maintain peace as the gubernatorial election is coming up on September 19, 2020, with the contestants of the election avoiding violence in all ramifications.

Edo State is popularly known as the heartbeat of the nation and is primarily known in farming which implies in its origin, believed in agriculture which is the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy, and agriculture is represented by green colour. In Nigeria flag which is green, white and green. The green represents agriculture and white represents peace. In reality, green is a sign of nature as a most environmental scholars could see it and things of nature are dominant in the affairs of men.

However, it is a true fact that nature dwell more in an environment of peace. I implore Edo people in Nigeria and in Diaspora to continue to pray and intercede for Edo State for peaceful election coming up September 19, 2020, thereby setting global record for the present and future generation. When this is achieved, it will be reference point for other states of the federation to anchor their election and also stand as a generational reference for the future generation of leaders.

Patrick Eromonsele, CEO, Ostrich Business Venture, wrote from Lagos.


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