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Edo State tomorrow: Blessed are the peace-makers


Edo State politically is popularly known as the “Heart Beat of the Nation”. Photo; TWITTER/GOVERNOROBASEKI

Let me announce straightaway that what I am writing and which you are reading now was not what was intended. I was going to dwell on very esoteric aspects of tomorrow’s gubernatorial election in Edo State politically and popularly known as the “Heart Beat of the Nation,” our nation Nigeria, the most advanced and luckiest country in Africa and the black world – despite all our mighty and un-mightyproblems. I repeat it: I was going to write very esoterically about tomorrow’s most mightyand mightiest gubernatorial election in our country, at least in recent years and memory. I was going to write greatly esoterically, but I was enjoined not to do so.

Even if I should, I must bind myself and my thoughts and writing by the art of simplicity or by the labour of plain writing and of explicitness. The reason for this must fully be understood. Every Edo ballot caster who can read and write must be carried along today and tomorrow and thereafter with the import of this gubernatorial election. Those who cannot read and write should and must be properly informed and directed to do their electoral duty rightly by those who can read and write.


The roots of the rightness and correctness of tomorrow’s election must be planted rightly and correctly in the minds and consciousness of all ballot casters, the educated and the uneducated, the literate and not literate. Clearly, only the literate can and should industriously explain what our newspapers and reporters and columnists and opinion and would-be opinion leaders are saying about tomorrow.

What can we say that this columnist and mystic is up to now? It is a genuinely exhilarating and exhilaratingly subject matter that engages his concern. Tomorrow’s gubernatorial election in Edo State is the most important election to define future elections in our country. Indeed, Edo State tomorrow and its gubernatorial election will underline the sincere and genuine example of foreknowledge of our country’s progressive destiny. This is why we must thank immensely and without exaggeration all those who have been preaching peace that must be part of the destiny of our compatriots in Edo State tomorrow.

Peace that our newspapers have yearned for, peace that all of us have yearned for during and after tomorrow’s election, will enormously condition Nigeria psychologically for its appointed influence and leadership in the free world, universe and globe of nations. But this only can happen tomorrow if the election is truly credible, exemplarily free and beautifully fair and exhilaratingly violence-free. Of course, the election already has been won and lost as foreseen long ago and recently re-confirmed. The Will of God has prevailed without question and without debate.


The Supreme Masters of Merit and prophets such as Primate Theophilus Olabayo have since voiced the voice that is the Voice of God to me. What they, especially the Supreme Masters of Merit, pronounce is the wish and will of God. Those who are itching to change through whatever art, act and scheme the word and revelation of God will suffer dire consequences. I tell them here and now to bury the thought and to have the foresight to provide Edo State and our country with the wherewithal of genuine democracy. Clearly, and interestingly so, rulers and leaders of the right colour are expected to be elected by the common agreement of the people and as ordained by God.

Every great nation such as Great Britain and the United States of America, for example, came into being, and has been forward-marching progressively and powerfully ever since the dreams, visions and prophecies of their prophets and Supreme Masters of Merit and of Wisdom have been giving them directions ages and aeons ago. Our oppressors everywhere in our country should hearken to the will of God NOW and heed the warning that we should not use tomorrow’s election to wage another struggle for the survival of our egos.

It is in this connection I must now make reference to the peace-meeting that the Oba of Benin Oba, Oba Ewuare II, called not long ago in respect of tomorrow’s election. I saw what transpired fully at his palace on you tube. When the meeting that brought the great personages of the two leading parties face to face was over I exclaimed thus: “What a monarch of splendour! What a monarch of the people! What a warrior-monarch “Reborn in Wisdom”! Some persons have interpreted wrongly what our blessed monarch of candour said truthfully, sincerely and frankly to his son and other children. Only a father who truly loves his son and children will do what Oba Ewuare II did on the blessed day of the peace-meeting. The meeting held in a dark moment and time of Edo State’s gubernatorial electoral apprehension. Rightly or wrongly, I am of the view that the pre-eminent monarch was visited by a vision of his ancestors in a dream. The Oba, believe me yours sincerely, knows the winner already of tomorrow’s great quest and day. His strategy was one that shouldn’t and shall not bring blood to Edo State.


But let me voice this in the voice that has been loaned me: Any undue delay of the election results and other shenanigans would lead to wild protests everywhere with severe and more than dire consequences. So says the voice of one who must be applauded at the appointed time. You better believe me.

Now take this: Obaseki is the Rock.
Can his matasomatism be affected negatively tomorrow by the meta-politics of his opponents and detractors wallowing in the delusion of egoism and egocentrism? To quote Primate Prophet Theophilus Olabayo,“Obaseki is not an ordinary human being.” What does the prophet mean? I must keep this in abeyance until after tomorrow. But know this: the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit and prophets such as Olabayo as well as this columnist of mystical gifts and propensities don’t dislike or prefer any candidate out of their own volition. They only capture and voice what is given them by God in accordance with the big will of God. Meanwhile, Edo voters shall awake to see peace in the polling units, booths, structuresand wards in the state.

All peace-makers, including members of the National Peace Committee that visited Benin-City last Tuesday, 15 September shall ever be remembered and shall ever be blessed. The Peace Accord that the parties have signed should not be in vain and is not in vain. And members of CAN should not and shall not relent in their prayers. Tomorrow is the taut bridge to strengthen Edo State of talented compatriots and their collective destiny. Benins, Esans, Etsakos, Oras, Owans, etc. are a blessed people.

This columnist, before he goes on a noon-nap to commune further, this time with Tibetans, wishes to quote from “Numbers” 23:19-20 for your further understanding:
“God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good? Behold, I have received a command to bless; He has blessed, and I cannot reverse it.”

Obaghatokpere! Ise! The rest is silence… Peace profound… The rest is silence… Peace profound…
Afejuku can be reached via 08055213059.


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