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Electoral prophecies


The presidential and other elections are here at last. And what will be that will be will soon be. And what will not be that will not be will soon not be. And many don’t-know of our electorate in need of a religious doodah or cosmological doodle that will competently steer them clear of the minds or directions of electoral doom-watchers are waiting for door to door canvassers for last-minute electoral correspondence. Which electioneer is worth believing? And which electioneer is worth un-believing?

No matter the electioneer we believe or un-believe the man of destiny is poised to poise his lance of victory. Aso Rock his Aso Rock is his Aso Rock and our Aso Rock. What is my meaning? Tarry a-while and poise for my prophetic tantara. My prophetic tantara? Certainly not. Poise for the prophetic tantaras of our prophets that I must recall tantivy – if not tanto.

Primate Elijah Ayodele, Lagos-based prophet of IRI Ministry, long before the PDP chose its top flag-bearer said, as his top 2018 prophet donne, that is, his top subject, that senate president Bukola Saraki would emerge as the party’s presidential candidate. He even posited with a lot of press blasts that Saraki would clinch the 2019 presidential election. But when the once-upon-a-time biggest political party in Africa had its primaries to elect its presidential flag-carrier Dr. Bukola Saraki was not even a distant second. In fact, I cannot now remember his position in the PDP primaries. Primate Ayodele’s prophecy, if anything, was akin to a fraudulent one, in other words, it was the prophecy of allegedly a religious dope. Then I wondered why the empire-builder’s marabouts could not empower him to carry the day in Port Harcourt, our Pitakwa. Now, there is prophetic silence from that end. Or? Did we not hear his prophet – who is unlike the biblical Elijah – say not long ago that the PDP would crash at the presidential election because he who was destined from Kwara to snatch presidential electoral victory from the incumbent emperor of our dear country, that is losing its dearness to some of our compatriots, was not empowered to do so by the PDP?


The other prophet, a prophetic tot, seemingly of note, who has equally sounded his prophetic organ, is an Enugu-based Catholic priest allegedly sired by an Igbo native doctor from whom he presumably inherited his prophetic power and tricks. He is very clever at obtaining the obtainable from his clients and patients who visit him for solutions to assorted political problems. At times he himself visits his clients and patients for presumably the right figures. In fact, he recently visited Aso Rock perhaps to administer totaquine to the incumbent dictator who has been suffering from political and electioneering malaria that has perhaps ostensibly affected his medulla oblongata and maw.

Let me release you from journalistic or poetic or prophetic suspense. Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, who I have been referring to, has voiced and trumpeted it prophetically that President Buhari will win the presidential election back to back. He gave no details. He is a very wise one. The other day when Peter Obi, the PDP vice-presidential candidate, visited the priest and prophet at the Ministry of Adoration of the smart preacher, Obi perhaps should have allowed the clever one to dip hands into his rich political pocket. I believe his prophetic electoral tantara would certainly have favoured the PDP and its presidential candidate.

Now the final prophet I am featuring here is the very famous Lagos-based Primate Theophilus Olabayo of the Evangelical Church of Yaweh. I have been following his prophecies for a pretty long time, long before the first two mentioned personages entered our prophetic consciousness. I rate him highly. Why? He openly sounded it a few years back that Boko Haram would not go away. Has any emperor, at least since Jonathan’s acting presidency up till now, vanquished the depraved terrorists? And, very significantly, he prophetically told the late Bola Ige, Obasanjo’s Attorney General, not to be part of the ex-president’s cabinet. If Bola Ige disobeyed the voice of God, he and the prophet would never see each other or meet again. Ige wanted him to offer prayers to support his joining Obasanjo’s government. The prophet did not give him his nod. The rest is history.

Similarly Prophet Olabayo prophetically told the late Moshood Abiola of the then Social Democratic Party (of Nigeria) – well before Obasanjo, erstwhile military head of state, came on board as our civilian president – that he would win the 1992 presidential election but he would not get the presidential diadem. The prophecy was a puzzle to the late Moshood Abiola. Of course, the prophet refused to accept the hefty sum of British pound sterling the generous SDP presidential candidate gave him as a generous gift. Again, the rest is history. Recently, he prophesied that Fayemi of the APC would win the last Ekiti gubernatorial election. He also told the Fayose people who came to him for spiritual support that after the election they would be “barking like mad dogs” in a fruitless endeavour to upturn Fayemi’s victory. Clearly, that is happening now.

But the real donne, that is, the real subject-matter relating to the integrity and consistency of Olabayo’s truthful prophecies, pertains to his prophetically telling us four years earlier that Buhari was not the messiah we were yearning for. We are wiser now. In any case, the real subject-matter of his recent electoral prophecies is similar to what he told Moshood Abiola: President Buhari will win the forth-coming presidential election, but Aso Rock our Aso Rock will remain vacant. What a puzzle! And do I accept this prophecy? Fortunately and unfortunately I will not respond now. Until I engage myself in the spiritual exercise of medifocus or the art and science of contemplation I will not roam at large. But the man of destiny is the man of destiny. This is not a prophetic myth or prophetic tantara. But know this: Buhari and his cabal of intriguers will do anything and everything possible and impossible to retain power and the presidency. They cannot afford to give power back to PDP and Atiku and company. They are afraid of what will befall them. They cannot afford to be visited with the kind of vindictive impunity they have been dishing to the opposition. Indeed, they are not at all ready for the main opposition party to succeed them. Any other party and any other person other than PDP and Atiku will get their nod, that is, if they must quit. Na here katakata go burst. PDP nor go gree. Atiku nor go gree. And then…. The rest is silence…. Oh Prophet Olabayo, I feel you! Maybe I am roaming at large, but I feel what I feel until my exercise and contemplation on the presidential election are completed. Till then I must obey the law of silence.

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