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From PMB to GMB

By Tony Afejuku
01 March 2019   |   3:37 am
At last we witnessed it: the 2019 presidential election which has been “won” and lost,” and which shall give rise and further rise to the problem of ethnic conflict...

(Photo by Audu MARTE / AFP)

At last we witnessed it: the 2019 presidential election which has been “won” and lost,” and which shall give rise and further rise to the problem of ethnic conflict in our country. We voted last Saturday, February 23, 2019 historically speaking, but “factually” speaking what will induce the looming katakata began on Saturday, February 16, when INEC wilfully jettisoned the wish of the electorate by scabiously, scabrously and scabbily shifting the voting day in headstrong or obstinate disobedience to the popular will. Of course, any casual follower or reader of our country’s strategic manoeuvres in every negative bend would not fail to notice that INEC was conjured to do what the commission’s chairman was conjured up to do and obey. What I should say, in other words, or by way of putting it differently, is that anyone who suffers from physical or spiritual or prophetic aniseikonia would not notice or see properly the impetus of the immensity that propelled the INEC chairman to manifest as he has manifested himself.

Indeed, the impetus of the immensity referred to is in the form of our famous PMB who shall be PMB no more. If he bared his fangs in the last four years as a civilian president, in the next four years, if the katakata he and his cabal of intriguers are inducing does not blow them away, he is going to bluster us as “military” president. His new presidential fanfaronade henceforth shall be unprecedented. All hail General Muhammadu Buhari, our GMB who shall be PMB no more! He is truly back as 1983 to 1984 General Muhammadu Buhari, or, is anyone contesting this?

Let me make a pertinent digression at this juncture.

Just before the Saturday, February 23rd voting of those who cared to vote, PMB gave what will enter our history books as a notorious electoral “shoot-on-sight” order to our Armed Forces and related security agencies. The satanic order certainly disenfranchised many eligible voters especially from the strongholds of his major opponent and opposition champion. I found interestingly interesting what amounted to a Channels Television “debate” between Senator Dino Melaye of the PDP and Barrister Festus Keyamo, SAN, PMB’s and APC’s presidential campaign organisation’s spokesperson or so. The “debate” centred on PMB’s tyrannical “shoot-on-sight” order targeted at ballot boxes’ snatchers. The highly persecuted and very disadvantaged Dino Melaye, who only recently returned from the land of the dead, was at his lively elements in the “debate.” He eloquently took Lawyer Keyamo to the cleaners. Simply put, he demystified the loquacious Senior Advocate of Nigeria. In fact, Lawyer Keyamo’s demurrer on the matter at hand held no water, so to say, as Dino, the non-lawyer, convinced me to so accept. To put it mildly, the one and only Dino Melaye made a mince-meat of the one and only Festus Keyamo. PMB must have lost many prospective admirers of his after Melaye’s K.O. (knockout) of Keyamo in that Channels Television’s boxing match. Yet PMB “garnered” the ballots he “garnered” after all said done on the election-day.

Was PMB truly elected last Saturday? Why do I ask this question? After he voted for himself, a reporter asked him if he would congratulate the winner of the election if he happened not to be winner. What was PMB’s answer? He said he would be the winner, and would end up congratulating himself – or something to this effect. PMB was so sure, so cock-sure that he would clinch victory. He reminded me of Donald Trump who said that there would be war if he did not win the last United States’ presidential election when he was asked a similar question after his second and final presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, which the latter won. Going by what is going on in America today with respect to the alleged rigging out of Hillary Clinton (via Russia’s hacking of Hillary Clinton’s email), can we say we smell a rat with respect to the figures our INEC has released about our presidential election? Whatever our answer may be, one thing that is certain is that we are entering a new epoch in our country’s evolution. We are entering a new spiritual epoch, this year which we shall mark significantly as our annus mirabilis of anni mirabiles, shall introduce and lead us into with new iron rods and weapons of power. We may even call our new epoch our new epoch of katakata and spiritual impulse which in the end will win for us the one who will reconstruct our country along the path of our social, political and spiritual destiny. PMB who is preparing to be a really rugged presidential GMB will carry on in such a manner that he and his cohorts may not hinder our country’s purpose but become its unwilling instruments and vessels. Then they will realise, maybe too late, that all is not fair in war.

Of course, as I write this the major opposition party and its presidential candidate are weighing their options. What is their best interest and best line of action? Whatever they may be, PMB now GMB, bear of bears in the forest of bears despite his deceptive lean mien, never ever will hand over political power to them. I had said this much and this little here in time past. What happened on Saturday, February 16, and even as from pre-February 16 up to Saturday, February 23 must be paid attention to from this perspective. Indeed, Justice Walter Onnoghen’s ordeal, which by extension is the ordeal of our judiciary, was induced from this line of thought of the current central intriguers who have no natural sympathy and unselfish concern for our country. Indeed, the attack on our Supreme Court was well nurtured until we got to where we are now. But a twist in the tale of the well nurtured attack shall soon hit us all; let the hewers of trouble do as they please. What do I mean? Exactly what I mean!

There is prudence in silence. The editor of my column, who has since given me the appellation of “scholar-prophet” for obvious reasons apparent to ardent readers and followers of this column, agrees with me. More importantly, the masters of meditation and contemplation admonish me at this point to tighten my lips, and not yet ring my palladium-bell. But I am permitted to say this: Right now there is in our dear land an uneasy calm, and the weather is not as fair as the daring horse-rider thinks or imagines it to be. Ultimately, what must be must be. Meanwhile, those who are enjoying their “victory” meals and drinks are free to do so as the “losers” are licking their wounds which they will continue to lick until GMB ceases to be GMB. But when will that be? Only those who have eyes that we do not see know. Until then na real baba GMB go be o. But all of us should know and heed this: The law of retributive justice is un- alterable and never fails.